How to Maintain Healthy and Long Natural Nails

How to Maintain Healthy and Long Natural Nails

Caring for your nails between appointments is just as important as getting them done. For example, if you go to a salon to get your nails manicured frequently, you might notice that your hands can still become dry and brittle between visits. Even though getting your nails done is still considered self-care - soft, weak, and breakable nails are often caused by overexposure to chemicals or moisture. And if this is the case for you, maybe it's time to consider upping your nail care routine.


Moisturize those nails.

It might be tempting, but resist the urge to cut your dry cuticles and instead moisturize using cuticle oil to heal rough and damaged nails. Poorly kept cuticles can damage your nails and prevent them from growing out or worse put your nails at risk for infection. We recommend using cuticle oil and nail conditioner to protect and start repairing your nails. 

Our cuticle oil contains almond and jojoba oil that strengthens your nail bed and prevent hands from cracking from dryness. Using our nail conditioner is another great way to give your hands the hydration and protection they need. It contains lanolin, a natural moisturizing wax, that promotes healthy nail growth and also stops thin nails from breaking as easily. Nail products with lanolin are great for dry hands and difficult-to-grow nails because the conditioner provides instant moisture. 

Take nail supplements with biotin.

Keeping your nails long and nourished is truly a challenge if you have a job that uses your hands all day or even half of the day, especially since we’ve all increased our hand-washing. Sometimes moisturizer is not enough to stop weak and thin nails from breaking. However, taking a supplement with biotin will work with your moisturizer to strengthen your existing nails while allowing long and healthy new growth. Biotin is one of the best ingredients for repairing damaged nails by making your nails thicker and stronger over time. Consistency is key with biotin because it helps your nails grow from the inside out and works behind the scenes to make your nails longer.

Smooth edges with a nail file.

This might sound generic but it still rings true – carry a nail file on you that you can use to smooth down any rough edges that might catch on your clothes or cause future breakage. We suggest reshaping your nails on a weekly basis to keep them fresh. One of the easiest ways to further damage your nails is by not taking care of small splits and cracks that cause your nails to break close to your nail bed. Keep in mind that using older emery boards can create small microscopic tears on nails that lead to peeling. Rather than using a traditional emery board, opt for a specialized nail file kit that you can use more than once. 

Having a nail care routine is just as important as having a skin or hair care routine. We all know the secret confidence booster you get from having perfectly manicured nails or even the pure joy of having your nails grow past your cuticles. Keeping your nails healthy is a worthwhile investment where the biggest expense isn't necessarily money but the time that goes into maintenance. Still not sure where to start? For a complete nail care routine, check out our nail treatment package.