Elon Nail Treatment Package

Pamper Your Nails

Keep your nails healthy and attractive with our Nail Treatment Package.

This all-encompassing trio keeps nails and cuticles soft, moisturized, and smooth at a great price.

The Nail Treatment Package includes:

Essential Cuticle Oil with Almond Oil Extract

Lanolin Rich Nail Conditioner (10 g tube)

Professional Nail Care File System

How to Use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Joan S.
Nail ridges are gone!

My nails were dry, splitting, full of ridges and would break before they could grow. I’m so thankful that my dermatologist recommended Elon nail conditioner! With the use of that along with Elon’s Essential cuticle oil, my nails are now strong, growing, and the ridges are gone! I even started painting my nails again!
Thank you so much for all your great Elon products! I love them all!
Joan S.

Paula R.

Haven't tried them yet. Had major surgery, but when I get back on my feet, I will.

Laraine S.
The Elon Nail Treatment Package is Indispensable

Several years ago, my usually strong nails developed ridges and started chipping. My dermatologist recommended Elon Nail Conditioner, which along with Elon Essential Oil, have become critical parts of my nail care and which have substantially improved the appearance and condition of my nails. I highly recommend these products and will continue to use them.

Nourishing nail product.

I love the 3 step nail files and cuticle oil. I am a firm believer that the nail conditioner along with the oil and amazing nail files are adding to the strength and heath of my nails. My nails split less and have a shine thanks to the oil.

Markala R.

I love the mail conditioner. It always makes my nails smoother and stronger. The look and feel amazing.