Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Care

How can I help thinning hair?

It is perfectly normal to lose about 50-100 hair strands each day. However, an amount of hair loss above this level is not normal and considered excessive. Healthy hair requires three essential components: Biotin, Silica, and L-Cysteine. All of these nutrients can be taken orally to help provide the three essential building blocks for healthy hair. ELON nutritional supplements contain all of these three key components for individuals to conquer their hair problems. An individual can look to use the ELON Matrix 5,000 or for even faster results consider the ELON R3 Extra Strength. All of our supplements are dye-free, sugar-free, iodine-free, lactose-free and no added glutens in order to be gentle and easily digested. If you are looking for a complete topical and oral combination, please consider one of our ELON Thinning Hair Systems that help to break up build up on the scalp area of dihydrotestosterone commonly known as DHT and add vasodilators to stimulate the hair follicle and increase blood flow and circulation for a healthy hair growing environment.

What are the ingredients contained in shampoo and conditioner that can cause damage to the hair?

Sulfates and salts are commonly found in shampoo and conditioners at your local store. ELON Moisture Therapy shampoo and conditioner both eliminate sulfates and salts by using more luxurious ingredients that do not strip the hair of its natural beauty. The end result of using the ELON products will be your hair will feel and look healthy with a tremendous shine.

How does the Elon Thinning Hair System Work?

ELON Thinning Hair System actually targets the hair follicle (within the scalp) and provides the nutrients necessary to grow out strong and healthy hair while minimizing damage to the existing hair by using ultra-mild topical formulas with low PH levels that help to moisturize and maintain the hair that grows out.

Are your hair care products color-safe?

Yes. All of our products are color-safe, and in fact, most of them are color-extending which allows the hair color to last up to two months longer than most other color-safe products.

Nail Care

How long do nails take to grow?

Fingernails typically take approximately four to six months to completely grow out in most cases. Please keep in mind that toenails take closer to nine months.

Why are my nails suddenly splitting and cracking?

This common problem can be caused by several factors by usually your stress level, diet, exposure to excess hand washing, or working with our hands frequently are the most common contributors to nail problems. When our body is undergoing stress or not getting enough nutrients from our daily food intake, the body begins to pull those extra nutrients needed from the hair and nails. In order to replenish these nutrients, an individual should consider The ELON Nail Conditioner and ELON Matrix Plus to moisturize and rebuild nails.

What are some typical signs of a fungal infection?

Two common signs are: 1. The nail is lifting off the nail bed. 2. Some discoloration is present in the nail. Also, problems with the nails can cause pain while being associated with a fungal injection. A dermatologist can take a nail culture to confirm if a nail infection is present. ELON Dual Defense Anti-Fungal Formula can be used to treat and prevent fungal infections.

How do I use ELON Dual Defense Formula?

To treat the nail infection, the timetable for recovery can vary based upon the individual and how long the infection has been present. It will take usually take a minimum of three months to initiate any improvement. Once the infection appears to be eliminated, you should continue to use the ELON Dual Defense Formula a minimum of three additional months to help prevent a recurring infection.

Nutritional Supplements

How long will it take to restore my hair?

When starting a new vitamin regime, it usually takes approximately 4 - 6 months to start to see results in your hair condition. Then it will take some time to completely grow out the full length of your hair strands. This means that patience and consistency are of the utmost importance. Keep in mind that just like your multi-vitamin; you only receive the nutrients of the vitamin with continued use. Look to add our ELON® Moisture Therapy Collection to your regime for faster results.

What is the difference between ELON nutritional supplements and biotin found and sold at various retailers and health food stores?

ELON nutritional supplements contain a high level of biotin along with silica and L-Cysteine (all three key building blocks to grow out strong and healthy hair and nails). Our ingredients are derived from the highest quality pharmaceutical grade sources available as well are time-released for maximum absorption and optimum results. ELON supplements are sugar-free, dye-free, soy-free, wheat-free, lactose-free, iodine-free, and have no added glutens in order to be digested easily.

What is the purpose of the “other ingredients” in the ELON® Matrix vitamins?

These ingredients are very important because they allow for the breakdown and absorbability of biotin and other vitamins in the body. Are the ELON® MATRIX Supplements safe if I am lactose intolerant? Yes. ELON Matrix supplements are lactose-free. Also, Elon supplements do not contain any added sugar, gluten, soy, wheat, or dyes in order to be digested easily by any individual.

Skin Care

How does ELON Herbal Foot Cream compare to the leading prescription foot cream?

ELON Herbal Foot Cream has been proven in various studies to be more effective at replenishing and moisturizing extremely dry and cracked skin on an individual’ feet. After only a few applications, the individual will usually experience a significant improvement and be able to begin walking comfortably again.

Will ELON Skin Repair System help with eczema skin issues?

Yes, ELONSkin Repair System was developed to battle extremely dry and cracking skin. An individual can apply the ELON Skin Repair cream as needed to resolve their skin concerns.