ELON Essentials are helping people every day with their individual hair, nail, and skin concerns.  Read the testimonials below about the ELON products and see for yourself. See our Physician Tesimonials here.


I love ELON Thinning Hair Systems.  
I recommend it highly all the time every day of every week.
Dermatologist – Michigan

Two Months Showed Results
I had tried everything from some other products at the pharmacy to increasing my thyroid medication and nothing helped.  Before I even finished 2 bottles of ELON R3 Extra Strength, my hair stopped falling out.  I couldn’t believe it.

I Can’t Live Without This!
The winter is hard on my nails and cuticles and ELON Nail Conditioner is a nail saver!  I have one at my office and one at home so I am never without it.  If I forget to use it, my cracking nails remind me of how great the product is.
Verified Purchaser - Virginia

Great For My Hair
I started taking Matrix 5,000 about six months ago and my hair stylist has noticed a significant increase in the thickness of my hair.
Verified Purchaser – California

Love This Product
I bought it for my hair and the difference is amazing.  My nails are looking great also.
S.K. – Ohio

Awesome For Hair Loss Due to Alopecia
This product works.  I had alopecia from stress.  My hair grew longer and thicker.  I had a half dollar size spot missing of hair and it helped bring it back in.  Awesome Product.
Verified Purchaser - Arizona

My Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner
This is the best shampoo and conditioner I have used for dry and thinning hair.  I have tried many other expensive products but this product is by far superior.
Verified Purchaser – New Jersey

Restored My Nails
Only a tiny amount for each nail twice daily and dry cracked cuticles and fingertips are gone in about 10-14 days.  Psoriasis depleted my natural oils.  This product has restored my nails to about normal.
Verified Purchaser – Tennessee

Best Foot Cream Ever
I never see any white blemish on my heels when I use this product.  I feel like my feet always look healthy and attractive.
Verified Purchaser – New York

A Miracle For Nail
I had a problem with my left thumb splitting at the start of the nail for about 15 years.  It would not grow without splitting.  After using ELON for six months, I have been able to grow out this nail.  I have tried everything else and even asked a couple of doctors for their help.  Nothing worked but ELON.  I am definitely a satisfied customer and am telling all my friends about it.

Wonderful Success
We have had wonderful success in patients with brittle and dry hair giving them the Matrix 5,000 Complete multi-vitamin.
Dermatologist – Maryland

It Works!
I am 24 years old and noticed my hair about 2 years ago.  I had a bad reaction to birth control that made my hormones wacky and I ended up with thinning, dry, and brittle hair.  My dermatologist recommended ELON Thinning Hair System and 4 months in; I am seeing results.

Best Skin Cream Ever
This is a very good skin cream for dry skin.  Not only is it good for the body it is a wonderful hand moisturizer.
Verified Purchaser – Arizona

Would Not Be Without It
Has made a world of difference with my hair and nails.  Stiffer nails and thicker hair – lots of new growth.
Verified Purchaser – Colorado