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About Elon Essentials

A Beautiful You, Head to Toe.

Elon offers exceptional care for the hair, nails, and skin. Originally based solely around nail care, Elon provides an effective solution for cracked, peeling and splitting nails. Today, Elon also creates products to help with the treatment of dry & brittle hair, thinning hair, advanced hair loss, nail fungus, and dry skin. This combination of exceptional products makes for a more naturally beautiful you from the healthy hair on your head to the pretty toes on your feet.

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Using Elon Dual Defense Anti-Fungal Formula For Common Skin Fungal Infections

Using Elon Dual Defense Anti-Fungal Formula For Common Skin Fungal Infections

Have you ever experienced a fungal infection on your skin? Not only can fungal infections make you sick, but it will also lead to serious medical complications. In fact, more than one billion people experience acute fungal infections on the skin, nail, and hair each year. Another 300 million people globally will contract serious fungal infections where an estimated 25 million will go blind or die.
Elon Skin Repair System: Top Irritants Our Skin Repair Cream Benefits

Elon Skin Repair System: Top Irritants Our Skin Repair Cream Benefits

How many skin care products, cosmetics, or cleaning supplies do you have in your home or office? According to the latest data collected by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, shoppers have access to more than 47,000 products in any given supermarket experience which leads to an overload of information when making purchases. Once purchased, how often do you pay attention to the product ingredients? You’re not alone when it comes to not classifying products as it is a complex and complicated process. Here are the most common causes of skin reactions that cause symptoms like inflammation, rash, redness, itchiness, dryness, and scaliness.
Foods That Make Your Hair Grow

Foods That Make Your Hair Grow

Are you wondering what food is good for hair growth and thickness? It is a common question that many people ask because of a desire for stronger, healthier hair. What is not commonly known is that factors like diet, health, heredity, and age can all play a role in your hair growth and loss. While genetic predisposition and aging are unavoidable, you can offset many of the hair growth issues simply by changing your diet to include foods that have high nutritional value.


“I love ELON Thinning Hair Systems.”

I recommend it highly all the time every day of every week.

Dermatologist – Michigan

“Two months showed results”

I had tried everything from some other products at the pharmacy to increasing my thyroid medication and nothing helped. Before I even finished 2 bottles of ELON R3 Extra Strength, my hair stopped falling out.  I couldn’t believe it.


“Great for my hair”

I started taking Matrix 5,000 about six months ago and my hair stylist has noticed a significant increase in the thickness of my hair.

Verified Purchaser in California