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About Elon Essentials

A Beautiful You, Head to Toe.

Elon offers exceptional care for the hair, nails, and skin. Originally based solely around nail care, Elon provides an effective solution for cracked, peeling and splitting nails. Today, Elon also creates products to help with the treatment of dry & brittle hair, thinning hair, advanced hair loss, nail fungus, and dry skin. This combination of exceptional products makes for a more naturally beautiful you from the healthy hair on your head to the pretty toes on your feet.

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3 Must-Do Healthy Skin Care Tips

3 Must-Do Healthy Skin Care Tips

How much time do you spend on skincare? A healthy skin care routine is essential to protect yourself from harmful environmental and chemical exposure. The right regimen will provide the needed nutrition and protection against acne, premature aging, and unsightly blemishes. Here are three must-do healthy skin care tips that will leave you feeling beautiful and silky smooth.
7 Exclusive Elon Essentials Outlet Offers Available Only Online

7 Exclusive Elon Essentials Outlet Offers Available Only Online

Have you taken a moment to check out our exclusive Elon Essentials Outlet offers that are available only online? Whether you want to try lanolin rich nail care or buy an on-the-go moisture therapy shampoo and conditioner travel kit, our outlet store has seven affordable products that add to your daily skin, hair, or nail beauty regimen. They are only $6.50 to $14.99!

5 Benefits Of Using Elon Scalp Cleanser

5 Benefits Of Using Elon Scalp Cleanser

When you think about hair health, do you most often think of the strands rather than the scalp? Lots of people buy shampoos, conditioners, and even serums and oil treatments thinking that they will clean the scalp as well. If your scalp is not treated properly, it will prevent hair growth and thinning over time. For an optimal environment, it is important to use products like Elon’s Scalp Cleanser to detoxify hair follicles, remove oils and dead skin cells, and protect the scalp from aging which is a critical reason why you tend to lose more hair as you age. Here are five more reasons to use Elon Scalp Cleanser to maintain your hair’s health and beauty.


“I love ELON Thinning Hair Systems.”

I recommend it highly all the time every day of every week.

Dermatologist – Michigan

“Two months showed results”

I had tried everything from some other products at the pharmacy to increasing my thyroid medication and nothing helped. Before I even finished 2 bottles of ELON R3 Extra Strength, my hair stopped falling out.  I couldn’t believe it.


“Great for my hair”

I started taking Matrix 5,000 about six months ago and my hair stylist has noticed a significant increase in the thickness of my hair.

Verified Purchaser in California