6 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Strong this Winter

6 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Strong this Winter

Dry air and cold temperatures are coming and we want to help you get ready. Do you experience dry and brittle hair in the cold winter months? These 6 tips and products to winterize your hair care routine can help keep your hair beautiful and strong. 

#1 Invest in the Right Products
A winter hair care routine is supported by high quality products. If you’re experiencing brittle hair and noticing the start of hair thinning, check out Elon’s thinning hair kits. We offer kits at every stage of hair thinning and one of the most popular is our Hair Maintenance Bundle with Matrix 5000.

This replenishing treatment system includes our Elon Moisture Therapy Shampoo, Elon Moisture Therapy Conditioner, and Elon Matrix 5000 nutritional supplement for complete rejuvenation. This kit is designed specifically for over-processed, brittle, weak, and dry hair where each formula targets the main causes of unhealthy hair in order to achieve glossy and luxurious locks. 

elon moisture therapy shampoo and conditioner

Our Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner are the building blocks for a strong hair care routine, especially in the cold winter months. The name says it all! Rice and oat proteins increase moisture, manageability, health, shine, and texture of the hair. Argan Oil restores softness and shine to your hair. Jojoba Oil provides moisture for healthy-looking hair. Panthenol nourishes and strengthens hair to reduce breakage. Sunflower Seed Extract protects hair against UV damage. 

Elon’s Matrix 5000 compliments this treatment offering extended-release essential vitamins to help restore dry, brittle, and weak hair. Hair that was once lifeless and dull can be lustrous, soft, and perfectly healthy.  Key ingredients include:

  • Biotin supports existing healthy hair growth and keratin production.
  • L-Cysteine is an essential amino acid that helps promote hair strength.
  • Silicon Dioxide promotes hair growth with a healthy shine.

#2 Opt for Silk or Satin
Wool can keep your head warm but coarse fabrics can cause breakage in your hair. Try lining your winter hats with a vintage silk scarf to protect your strands. You can also give your hair a reprieve at night by swapping a cotton pillowcase with a silk or satin case. We love the Blissy silk pillowcase because it helps your skin retain moisture and protects your hair and dermatologists agree! Sleep soundly knowing your soft tresses are being cared for all night long.  

#3 Stay hydrated

Don’t underestimate the power of drinking plenty of water. Health experts commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses a day. However, some experts believe that you need to sip on water constantly throughout the day, even when you're not thirsty. If you find it difficult to drink water in the winter, try drinking hot water with lemon for a comforting beverage that will hydrate your body. Herbal teas without caffeine are a great tasting source of hydration, too!

A humidifier can make a huge difference for your skin and hair too! They can be used to treat dry skin especially your nose and lips. When it comes to your hair a humidifier can help your scalp and hair from getting dry and irritated when there’s a lack of moisture in your house. Both cool mist and warm mist humidifiers are equally qualified to get the job done. Learn more about the differences between the two types of humidifiers here.  

#4 Add Multivitamins
What you eat can affect the health of your skin, nails, and hair. If you’re looking for a vitamin that can help your skin and hair, check out the Matrix 5000 complete multivitamin. It can improve hair strength and growth because it’s packed with 5,000 mcg of Biotin, Silicon Dioxide, and L-Cysteine. It also includes Vitamin B-3 (Niacinamide) which helps prevent the premature aging of the skin. 

elon essentials matrix 5000

#5 Take a Break from Hair Coloring and Heat Styling When You Can
Common hair damage from coloring and styling coupled with dry and cold weather during the winter can easily stress out your luscious locks. Consider pausing your color treatments to give your hair a long winter’s nap to counteract the stress from hair styling and color trends. If you can’t give up your favorite hairstyles, check out these tips to style your hair without heat. 

#6 Leave-In Treatment for Extra Moisture and Static Reduction
For even more moisture therapy, add in a leave-in treatment one or two nights a week for deep conditioning. Elon’s Moisture Therapy Masque is one of the best ways to supercharge your winter hair care routine. Use it in lieu of your conditioner twice a week for intense replenishment. Soy, rice, oat, and wheat proteins increase moisture, manageability, health, shine, and texture while coconut and silica condition and smooth and shea butter moisturize for extreme hydration. Your hair will be radiant, sleek, and silky!