4 No-Heat Tricks to Straighten Your Hair

4 No-Heat Tricks to Straighten Your Hair

But do you know it's possible to turn your wavy mass of hair into silky smooth, beautiful straight hair without using any heat? Yes, this might seem impossible as you are already used to your heat styling tools. However, keep in mind that before these tools came into play, women with wavy hair used to straighten it out and were doing just fine. In that breath, here is a roundup of no-heat techniques to help you straighten your hair.

  1. Start By Using the Right Products

As a girl with beautiful wavy hair, there is no doubt you use hair products meant for such hair. On that note, the first step to achieving poker-straight hair without touching the heat settings on your blow dryer is switching to products intended for straight hair. This is important as such products contain ingredients that are specially formulated for straight hair. Therefore, they help calm and relax your hair while at the same time, retaining the right amount of moisture. On that note, get an Elon moisture therapy shampoo and conditioner package for prepping.

Also, get Elon concentrated serum for smoothing out your scalp and to promote stronger hair follicles. In a nutshell, experiment with straight hair products so that the process can be smooth sailing.

  1. Blow Dry with Cold Air

Once you've prepped your hair, sit and wait until about three-quarters of it is air-dried. Next, divide it as you usually do, turn on the cool setting and blow your hair moving continuously from the roots to the tip. Do this while the dryer is six inches away. You might find this method a little bit time-consuming as you are already used to making it fast using the heat settings. But at least, it won’t cause any damage to your hair.

  1. Wrap it Up

This is one of the oldest hair straightening methods. It’s was particularly famous long before blow dryers came into the picture and is best done before bed. To wrap it up, wash your hair using the products we mentioned earlier. Sit and let your hair air dry or cold dry using the method above, and once it’s nearly dry, take a hair taut, bring it to the opposite side of your head and pin it there. Do this until you have all of it wrapped up. You can use bobby pins to ensure it’s safely secured, and then wear your hair turban to secure it further. The next day, all you need to do is remove the bobby pins, and you'll have straight, silky hair.

  1. Plastic Rollers

If cold-drying and wrapping up isn't for you, then you should consider trying plastic rollers. For this method, wash your hair, and while it's still damp, divide it into medium sections and then roll your plastic rollers in before you sleep. Also, ensure you use jumbo rollers. However, this method might leave behind slight waves.