Elon Essential Nail Care Package

Pamper Your Nails

Keep your nails healthier, stronger, and attractive with our nail care package.

This all-encompassing trio keeps nails and cuticles soft, moisturized, healthier, and stronger at a great price.

The Nail Care Package includes:

Elon Matrix Plus 3000 for healthier and stronger nails

Elon Lanolin Rich Nail Conditioner (10 g tube)

Elon Cuticle Oil with Sweet Almond Oil

How to Use

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Customer Reviews

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Pam S.
Slow and Steady.

Several years ago the dermatologist I was seeing recommended Elon Nail Care to me. I was having trouble with my fingernails splitting. He said that I would not see a change over night but that with regular use a positive change would happen. He was Right!
Over the years I got away from using Elon and guess at, I started having fingernail issues. I forgot the name of the product but while cleaning out a drawer.I found an old tube and tried searching and I found Elon’s site. I ordered Elon Essential Nail Care. My nails are still short but as I continue using Elon’s Conditioner and products, I’m sure my nails will become stronger and longer without splitting and chipping. I can’t wait to have healthy nails again.


My nails are looking better already as I am using the nail cream every night and cuticle oil daily as well. These products really work!!!

Pauline S.
Package includes nail conditioner, cuticle oil and Matrix +3000.

It's been a few weeks and my nails looked better immediately after applying products. Nail conditioner and cuticle oil must be applied several times a day, otherwise nails continue to look dry after hand washing. I have used biotin supplements in the past and thought they were helpful but it takes months for nails to grow out so I can't tell you if there will be long term progress.

Lucy C.
Three weeks in....

Not much of an improvement