Elon Influencer Guidelines


  • Two photos posted as a carousel to Instagram – one just product, one with you and the product
  • Instagram story video of you unboxing and/or using the products – saved in an Elon Essentials highlight for at least 30 days

*Please send all photos/video via Google Drive to taylorc@firebellymarketing.com after completion, including all Instagram stories downloaded as one video file.

What You Need to Know

All agreed upon content should be published within 14 days of product delivery with below hashtags & tags and your unique discount code for followers.

Include in Every Post & Story

  1. @ElonEssentials
  2. #ElonEssentials
  3. #ElonInfluencer
  4. Personal 30% off Discount Code

Photo/Video Requirements

  • Use natural light, or bright lights -- no dimly lit shots
  • We are looking for more editorialized photography for products shots & photos with interesting backgrounds when you are in the photo (see examples below)
  • We want to see you, but we want to see our products more -- please take photos and video with that in mind.
  • Please show your face in the video while you are unboxing or demonstrating the products
  • Make sure labels are clearly visible
  • Photo examples:

Copy (Might Vary Depending on Product Selection*)

  • Healthier & stronger hair, skin & nails
  • Key ingredients at pharmaceutical grade*
  • Extended-release for maximum absorption*
  • Made in USA 30 years in business
  • Product-specific verbiage from Elon’s website
  • Dermatologist-recommended

Compensation Guidelines

Please invoice Taylor once all work is completed

  • Invoice must include: Full name, Instagram handle, PayPal info, work agreed upon, and payment agreed upon
  • Payments will be sent via PayPal within Net 14 days from invoicing

Elon Essentials Influencer Checklist

We are excited to have you as one of our influencers! As we collaborate together, we’ve put together this short checklist to ensure we both are on the same page.

Step 1: Now that you’ve decided to work with us, please register to receive your items by filling out the form below.

Step 2: You’ll receive the items usually within a week from order date, if sent on a business day. If there are any issues with this, please email taylorc@firebellymarketing.com.

Step 3: Plan out your content & take photos [refer to photo & copy sections above].

Step 4: Send your draft photos via a dropbox link and copy to taylorc@firebellymarketing.com before publishing for approval.

Step 5: Once approved, publish all content on all of your channels within 14 days from receiving the product.

Step 6: Send all of your post links to taylorc@firebellymarketing.com, when publishing is complete.

Step 7: After all content is published, please see compensation guidelines above for payment.

Step 8: Reconnect with Taylor to discuss future opportunities!