Elon Professional Nail Care File System

This system was designed by nail care professionals to work in conjunction with Elon Nail Conditioner to rebuild and restore the original health and beauty of nails.

All Elon Professional Nail Care System files are fully padded for comfort and durability. Elon Professional Nail Care System files can be sterilized for any health care concerns which may arise. They are the finest files available today.

By using the Elon Professional Nail Care System along with the Elon Nail Conditioner, you will discover the ability to provide a beauty and shine to natural nails without the use of polishes. Polishes tend to block some of this action and nail polish removers (by large content of alcohol) rob the nail of moisture. Discover a healthier alternative to lustrous nails.

How to Use

Step 1. Shaping : Using the tapered, blue #1 file, shape each nail to the desired length and shape. Use the narrow, rounded edge to push back cuticles and remove cuticle residue on the nail. Never cut or remove the cuticle. The cuticle is a barrier to infection. (This file is used a few times each week to maintain the shape of nails as they grow.)

Step 2. Ridges & Smoothing: Using the pink #2 file, gently rub the nail surface. (Approximately 20-25 times.) This will remove any stains and prepare the nail for steps #3 & #4. If ridges are present, file smooth these but do not attempt to completely eliminate them. This could result in filing the nail down too deeply. (This file should be used infrequently or lightly to avoid removing too much of the nail surface.)

Step 3. Prep & Condition: Using the white #3 file, gently rub the nail surface. (Approximately 20-25 times.) This conditions the nail and prepares the nail for the buff & shine (step #4). (This file is used once every one to two weeks.)

Step 4. Polish & Shine: Using the gray #4 file, buff to a brilliant shine. (Approximately 20 - 25 times.) You now have beautiful nails without the need for nail polishes. (This file is used frequently and as needed.)

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Customer Reviews

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Tricia B.

Going in lots of stockings!

Betty G.
Love it

This is a nice set. I love the Emory board and wish it sole by itself, as it will wear out before the others.

files are great

Why don't you sell each file separately?

Great Product!

So happy I purchased this nail care set as my nails look soooo much better after using!