Why Your Fall Skincare Routine Should Differ from Your Summer Routine

Why Your Fall Skincare Routine Should Differ from Your Summer Routine

Now that it’s fall, you’ve probably noticed differences in your environment. The climate and weather have changed, so your skincare routine should, too. Colder, drier settings require higher amounts of moisture. If you’re stuck indoors with a heater on at any time during the season, you’ll appreciate a heavier cream moisturizer because of its ability to keep your skin soft and smooth throughout autumn.

Keep Close Watch Over Your Skin as You Transition from Summer to Fall

The design of the body requires changes to be made to adapt to the setting you’re in this fall. The skin, the body’s largest organ, responds accordingly by ridding itself of toxic substances and impurities. Problems with the skin manifest into breakouts, inflammation, and dryness. By paying close attention to your skin and refraining from doing things to irritate it further, you’re creating a solid foundation of care for it this fall.

Products to Include in Your Fall Skin Care Routine

Elon Essentials offers a line of products perfect for fall. It’s easy to make the transition from the warmest months of the year to the cooler ones. Adding a few new products to your routine helps your skin look and feel fantastic. We have many to choose from to meet your needs and exceed your high expectations.

Here are the products you’ll want to consider buying from us:

  • Elon Daily Facial Moisturizer. A product meant for daily use; this gentle formula keeps the skin on the face nice and soft. It complements our Cleanser with its moisture-rich ingredients.
  • Elon Skin Repair System. A long-lasting formula designed to supply the hands and the body with extra moisture. It comes in a jar for easy application and transportation from one place to the next.
  • Elon Hydration Package. Get three products that work harmoniously to protect skin and provide it with additional moisture. When you purchase the Hydration Package, you get Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Vitamin C Moisturizer, and Youth Eye Gel. Each helps restore the beautiful glow you had during summer.
  • Elon Skin Anew for Healthy & Vibrant Skin. A specially formulated supplement that promotes hydration, firmness, and good health. The ingredients contained in each serving include hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, biotin, and grape seed extract.

The products listed above benefit the skin with their fast-acting, natural list of ingredients. Nourishing your skin takes little effort with the right products. With Elon Essentials, your fall skincare routine works! You’ll get the hydration needed to keep your skin from looking and feeling chapped, wind-burned, irritated, dry, and inflamed.

Tune into Your Body’s Needs Each Season

Your body has different needs each season. Many environmental factors play a role in your skin’s texture and appearance. Keep it supplied with plenty of moisture as temperatures drop and the weather outdoors becomes windier. You’ll be able to deal with chapped skin and inflammation easier when you have some new skincare practices and products in place to help you along the way.