What Makes Biotin Important?

What Makes Biotin Important?

Biotin, also called Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H, is naturally found in food, beauty products, shampoos, personal hygiene goods, skin moisturizers, and cosmetics. It is also a micronutrient that your body needs to produce energy and metabolize carbs and fat after the intake of food or nutritional supplements. Biotin is also incredibly important for your skin, hair, and nails. Here is what makes it so important and what you can do to get more of it to improve your overall health.  

What Is Biotin?

While the term biotin is often used, it is also called vitamin B7 or H which stood for Haar and Haut (hair and nails in German). As it is water-soluble, the body is unable to store up a supply of it even though it is critical for many bodily functions and metabolic paths that determine health. The daily intake is recommended at 30 mcg for adults and 5 mcg for younger aged children.

Why Is It Used In Beauty Products?

Biotin is widely used in the beauty industry to add moisturizer, texture, produce a shine, and promote the hair’s body. Biotin also has a smoothing property that recovers broken and brittle nails. Biotin is also linked to cell growth which affects hair growth, clear skin, and healthy nails.

What Are The Benefits Of Biotin?


  1. Healthy Skin, Hair, And Nails


Biotin plays a significant role in the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Medical experts suspect flaky skin, hair loss, and brittle, cracked nails are the result of deficiencies. About twenty percent of the population suffers from low biotin levels. There is also evidence to suggest that there are benefits to consuming foods higher in biotin which experts find helps with the prevention of skin conditions, hair thinning, and stronger fingernails. Elon Essentials also uses biotin in a few skin, hair, and nail products for more optimal results.


  1. Boosts Metabolism Of Protein Which Aids Hair And Nail Growth


 Biotin is a vital component to your body’s production of energy which enzymes must have to function. These enzymes are responsible for the metabolism of protein, carbs, and fat. Biotin breaks down amino acids which promote hair and nail health. If you also want to boost your metabolism rate to lose weight, add a supplement to your routine.


  1. Helps People With Chronic Illnesses


Chronic illness affects more than 133 million adults in the United States. People who suffer from these conditions experience issues often with their hair, skin, or nails directly through the illness or indirectly through treatment. Ill people generally also suffer from biotin deficiency in which a nutritional supplement is needed. If you are suffering from a chronic disease, biotin will also stop hair loss, skin conditions, and nail weakness or loss.


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