Want Beautiful Nails? Here Are 7 Tips That Will Help You Get Them

Want Beautiful Nails? Here Are 7 Tips That Will Help You Get Them

In 2017, nail salons brought in more than 8.53 billion dollars in the United States. Usually, clients opt for full-nail acrylics that damage the nails. Why not grow your own and get the same polished look of a nail salon visit? It is possible with the right growth and maintenance routine. If you want beautiful nails, here are seven tips and solutions that will get you the best results.


    1. Avoid Cutting Cuticles

      Whether at the salon or getting a DIY manicure, skip the cuticle care as it often causes more long-term damage than short-term benefits. Nails are also the first defense to keeping bacteria from entering the body. Damage also causes swelling and redness to occur which will reduce the well-groomed effect you want to convey to others. Use Elon Dual Defense Anti-Fungal Formula will reduce cuticle damage and destroy the fungus.


        2. Reduce The Amount Of Nail Hardener You Use

          Using an abundance of nail hardener actually has the reverse effect it is intended. While a small amount is ideal to counter weak and brittle nails, you do not want to use any products that make your nails extra hard and brittle. Instead, use Elon Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner to strengthen your nails and reduce breakage, peeling, and brittleness.


            3. Use Moisturizer

              It is painful when you damage the nail bed. You also do not feel your best when your nail bed looks dry. Using a cuticle conditioner will be just what the doctor ordered for thick cuticles. This practice will also reduce the amount of damage from drying or cracking.


                4. Use Biotin-Enriched Supplements

                  Nutrition is a critical factor to healthy and beautiful nails which is why taking a supplement like Elon Matrix Plus 3000 that has a blend of biotin, L-cysteine, and silicon dioxide. These elements boost nail growth, strengthen nails, and enhance appearance.


                    5. Reduce The Number Of Times You Get Salon Manicures

                      Feeling a bit pampered from time to time is great for your confidence but getting regular salon manicures is bad for your nail health as it causes dry, brittle nails to break.

                      It has a lot to do with the chemicals and contact with infectious materials that cause damage to the nail bed. DIY manicures also allow you to use safe products on your nails.


                        6. Get Rid Of Acetone-Containing Products

                          If you have dry, brittle nails, you do not want to use acetone since it further dries out your nails. It also strips them of moisture which dries out your nails lessens their strength.


                            7. Go Easy On Emery Board Usage

                              Many emery boards are much too harsh for your nails as they cause cracks and fissures that lead to breakage. Instead, use Elon Professional Nail Care File System as they are padded. This design not only improves function, but it also makes it more comfortable. 

                              Nail health is also in danger if you work in an industry like healthcare or food service that promotes mandatory hand washing practices. Washing your hands  will reduce the access to chemicals that have the tendency to damage surfaces.