Want Beautiful, Healthy Nails? Try Elon Essential Cuticle Oil With Almond Extract

Want Beautiful, Healthy Nails? Try Elon Essential Cuticle Oil With Almond Extract

We all want healthy-looking, beautiful nails, but it isn’t always so easy to achieve with our daily routines. The fingernails grow at a rate three times more than toenails, but they also get exposed to more contact from scratching to getting them snagged and broken by objects. Toenails are also prone to trauma, infections, and tight-fitting shoes, so you also want a product like Elon Essential Cuticle Oil With Almond Extract to keep your nails beautiful as well as durable, lovely, and soft.

Nail Structure

Your fingernails and toenails are keratin proteins that grow as cells reproduce at the base of the nail, which is a process called keratinization. While lifestyle is a primary factor to health, the nail’s growth rate, thickness, and strength are genetically inherited characteristics from parents.

            Nail Plate: The hard, visible portion of the nail.

            Nail Bed: The pink area under the nail plate.

            Cuticle: The skin flap covers the base of the nail.

Common Nail Issues

If your nails are prone to breaks, cracks, injury, or fractures, you may be exposing them to environmental or chemical agents that are causing them to be weaker and brittler than usual.

  • Nail Polish
  • Nail Bed Injury
  • Nicotine Exposure
  • Hair Dye Contact
  • Use Of Medications
  • Harsh Acetone-Based Removers


If the plate of your nail turns white, it is a standard indicator that the plate has lifted off the bed. The most common reasons for this to occur will include rough cleaning of nails, harsh chemical agents in some nail polishes, artificial nails, or nail conditions like fungal infection and psoriasis.

Other issues include the thickening of toenails that occur from injuries, fungal infection, arthritis, inadequate care, tight shoes, psoriasis, walking pattern, and circulation issues. Ridges may occur because of nail aging, eczema, injury, sickness, disease, arthritis, or a rough cleaning manner.

If your nails are splitting, you may be exposing them frequently to moisture (like washing dishes, washing detergents, swimming), trauma, and using harsh nail polish remover often. If your nails are brittle, it is likely you received an injury that caused nail deformation or aged thickening.

A common issue is a bacterial infection from Staphylococcus aureus exposure on the nail. As it progresses, it becomes inflamed, red, and hot to the touch. You’re more likely to have this issue if you expose your hands to water, overexert the cuticles, bite your nails daily, or have eczema.

What Is Elon Essential Cuticle Oil With Almond Oil Extract?

Elon Essential Cuticle Oil with Almond Oil Extract contains critical ingredients like almond oil and vitamin B5 and E to moisturize and condition your cuticles and nails. With daily usage, your nails will have a beautiful, healthy appearance. You’ll notice your hands are softer and hydrated. Our product also contains sweet almond oil, which is plant derived and often used medicinally. It is also used in beauty products to reduce chapped, irritated, dry, and germy surfaces on the skin.

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