Using Elon Dual Defense Anti-Fungal Formula For Common Skin Fungal Infections

Using Elon Dual Defense Anti-Fungal Formula For Common Skin Fungal Infections

Have you ever experienced a fungal infection on your skin? Not only can fungal infections make you sick, but it will also lead to serious medical complications. In fact, more than one billion people experience acute fungal infections on the skin, nail, and hair each year. Another 300 million people globally will contract serious fungal infections where an estimated 25 million will go blind or die.

Top 5 Fungal Infections In Your Body

  • Tinea Corporis (Ringworms)


Tinea Corporis, also known as ringworms, are very common skin fungal infections that appear as round, red sores on the body that are often scaly and with a rash. While it has an unattractive appearance, it is a treatable condition although contagious through people, pets, or textiles. Antifungal medications and OTC creams are used to treat tinea corporis.


  • Tinea Pedis (Athlete's Foot)


Tinea pedis, also known as athlete’s foot, is a common fungal infection that leads to inflammation and sores. The feet are often in warm environments and come into contact with microscopic fungus in high-traffic areas where moisture is present. Athlete’s foot is caused by the fungus such as Trichophyton rubrum which thrives on the foot’s skin, hair, or toenails. Symptoms of athlete's foot include redness, peeling, scaling, and cracking. Common forms of athlete’s foot include interdigital (between toes or sole), moccasin (whole foot), and vesicular (blisters on the skin). An antifungal medication will treat it.


  • Cutaneous Candidiasis (Yeast Infections)

Cutaneous candidiasis, also referred to as yeast infections, are common fungal agents that occur when yeast grows on the skin causing symptoms like redness, rash, and scales. People also often experience itching and a burning discharge, but the yeast is not contagious or dangerous because it is found in the body in small amounts. People experience yeast infections in any area of the body but is more prominent in the arm and groin. These fungal infections are difficult to treat because the yeast is harder to diagnose even though common in people who have medical issues, are obese, or taking antibiotics.

  • Tinea Cruris (Jock Itch)


Tinea cruris, also called jock itch, is a fungal infection that flourishes in moist, warm areas like the buttocks, genitals, and thighs. Symptoms include itching, burning, peeling, redness, and rash that often appears in a round shape. Jock itch is contagious and spreadable through person-to-person contact or indirectly through items that contain the fungus. While keeping your body dry and clean will help reduce the fungus, using an antifungal cream will help.


  • Nail Infections

Fungal infection under the nails commonly occurs when an overabundance of fungi grows under the nails. Fungal infections under toenails are also common in moist, warm environments which causes overpopulation. The fungus is normally on the hands and feet, so it is easy to develop an infection if you make contact with someone who has a condition. It is also more common on the feet than the hands because of the confinement. It is also possible to get a fungal infection from tools that are used during manicures or pedicures.

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