Treat Yourself to the Perfect Night In For Valentine's Day

Treat Yourself to the Perfect Night In For Valentine's Day

Sometimes you just need a relaxing night in, to take a beat, to recharge, or to do exactly what you want to do. Do what you love and give yourself some love. Whether you are coupled or solo this Valentine's Day, here are some fabulous ideas for the perfect night of self love. 

Wear your coziest clothes 

If 2020 gave us anything, it was putting luxe loungewear on our radar. It really is the best way to get comfortable for a night in. Put on a cozy sweater set like this, and get ready to chill. 


Cook your favorite meal

Eating out at restaurants is a great way to treat yourself, but cooking at home when you have the time is a different kind of treat. With work, spouses, kids, sometimes we don’t have a ton of time to cook exactly what we love during the week. Make a plan to cook something you love to eat or love to cook. Take your time and enjoy! Plus, cooking at home typically means less fat and less salt making it a healthier option than dining out! If cooking is overwhelming, try a meal kit like Blue Apron to take the guesswork out of cooking at home. 

Mix up a fancy drink

Who says you can’t raise a glass to yourself? If you have a favorite cocktail, mix it up in your favorite glass and toast yourself. If you’re looking to cut down on booze, try a fragrant herbal tea with a spritz of lemon. 

Have a spa night at home

Light some beautiful candles (we love these), take a bath, and treat yourself to a DIY facial. Our Facial Care Package comes with our Daily Facial Cleanser, Daily Facial Serum, and a Daily Facial Moisturizer. This is a great set that has everything you need to ensure your skin maintains a fresh and healthy complexion. 

washing face elon daily cleanser

If you have tired feet, treat yourself to Elon’s Herbal Foot Cream. It’s packed with Green Tea Extract , Vitamin E, and Licorice Root providing instant relief for dry skin. 


Unwind with your favorite movie or book

No one likes to share the remote do they? Catch up on your favorite show or watch something new on Netflix - This is your night! If you want to cut down on screen time all together, try the Book of the Month Club for a never ending supply of reading material.  


Mellow out

It’s good to turn off any blue-emitting screens at least 30 minutes before you want to go to bed. When you turn your tv or phone off, turn to a book, try a calming yoga flow, or listen to some calm music and journal.

woman doing yoga at home

These are great ways to relax and spend that quiet time before heading off to bed. If you’re a meditation or yoga newbie, look for a guide. The Calm app has wonderful guided meditations for any time of the day. For the yoga curious, try classes from the YouTube star Yoga with Adrienne. If you know you like Yoga, consider the Peloton App with an abundance of classes for all levels. 

Feeling relaxed? Good. Enjoy a night of self love with the perfect night in!