The Benefits Of Taking A Nutritional Supplement For Hair Growth

The Benefits Of Taking A Nutritional Supplement For Hair Growth

Does your hair lack a healthy glow? Do you notice patterns of thinning or hair loss? Did you know that your hair is dependent on nutrients to grow and sustain its health? The USDA provides a dietary guideline that sets nutrition standards, yet it also found through research that Americans are not getting enough vitamins and minerals in our daily dietary intake. Why is this information relevant to hair loss? Americans are watching what we eat, but by trying to live a healthier lifestyle, we are creating a vitamin and mineral deficiency that is limiting hair health growth.

5 Critical Benefits Of Taking A Nutritional Supplement For Hair Loss

1. You Get The Nutrients Recommended By USDA That Promotes Growth

The USDA found that Americans are not getting enough vitamin A, C, E, calcium, fiber, potassium, and magnesium. You need regular amounts of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, protein, iron, and zinc for hair growth. Americans pay more attention to what to avoid rather than what to eat which limits dietary intake of critical nutrients for cell and hair root health.

2. Nutritional Supplements Are An Affordable Way To Fill Dietary Gaps

Did you know that the average cost of an American meal is $12.75 which Americans pay when eating out commercially an average of eighteen times a month? Because of our work and school, there are gaps in eating patterns. Nutritional supplements provide the micronutrients that balance meal shortages. Buying a supplement like Elon 5000 for Healthy Hair will not only aid in hair health but would cost less than one dollar a day.

3. Supplements Have Long-Term Health Benefits 

According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, 71% of people over the age of 70 take daily supplements yet only 39% aged 19-30 take them. They found that many Americans are not getting the Estimated Average Requirements or Recommended Dietary Allowances which is causing serious health consequences. Taking Elon Matrix 5,000 Multi-vitamin will provide the crucial micronutrients that sustain life long-term.

4. Dietary Hair Supplements Are Safer Than Hair Transplants 

According to medical experts, hair transplants cost up to $15,000 dollars. It is also an irreversible treatment since surgeons remove as much as ten inches of skin to graft. There is also a failure rate of up to fifteen percent. It fixes the symptom rather than the root cause which is where supplements work to balance hair and scalp health. A supplement like Elon R3 Extra Strength For Thinning Hair will promote a healthier alternative.

5. You Identify Foods That Improve Hair Growth

When you focus on hair health, you tend to pay attention to the foods that promote beauty and health. Identifying the fatty fish and fruits and vegetables that benefit hair health will give you the information you need to balance your diet with the proper supplement.

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