Skincare Tips We Wish We Knew Sooner

Skincare Tips We Wish We Knew Sooner

Let’s talk about skincare tips and tricks we wish we had known sooner so you don’t make the same mistakes we’ve made. 

Skincare is a journey, and it seems that no matter what age we are, there is always something new to learn. From acne to wrinkles, there are little things you can try out to get more out of your routine.

The sooner you start taking your skincare seriously the better your skin will get over time! Even if you have a basic routine now, the smallest changes can make a long-term difference to your skin’s overall health.  

  1. Retinol is your friend! Retinol (Vitamin A) is an amazing skin care ingredient that can totally change your skin texture and repair uneven skin caused by acne. The first time you use retinol or if you have sensitive skin, your skin might dry out afterward, which is why it's good to use a retinol cream that is also paired with another product like a moisturizer to soothe your skin while also treating it.
  2. SPF is a must and is non-negotiable. No matter what time of year, even during winter, sunscreen is super important to your skin's health. Many of us believe we should only wear sunscreen when we're in direct sunlight for hours, but that would be a mistake. Even if you don't go in the sun all day, your skin can still get sun damage. The right way to put on your SPF is to use two fingers worth and apply it on your face, neck, ears, and basically any sun-exposed area on your body.
  1. Double cleansing is a game changer, even if you don't wear a full face of makeup or any that day! Washing your face a second time with a cleanser helps your skin absorb your products better, removes makeup, and helps with removing excess oil. That way, you reap all of the benefits of your skincare routine. If you want to get super detailed - use an oil-based cleanser first to remove all dirt and makeup from your skin and a gentle cleanser for the second round.
  2. You don't need a 15-step skincare routine to make a big difference, but you do need a daily routine. Consistency is the key to seeing great results with your skincare. You don't need every product in the book to do it either - no matter how many steps are in your routine - you just need to keep up with it on a daily basis. All skin types are different! It takes time to craft and personalize the perfect skincare routine that you see the most benefits from. 

We could include so many other little tips and tricks like washing your hands before your skincare routine or using baby washcloths if you have sensitive skin, but the best advice we have is to have fun with it! Skincare is meant to be self-care and should be a peaceful part of the day that you get to enjoy!