Skincare New Year's Resolutions for 2023

Skincare New Year's Resolutions for 2023

You've been paying attention to your skin for a while now, but have you ever asked yourself what's going on with it? I know—I'm always asking myself that. Whether you're a seasoned skincare veteran or just starting out, here are a few resolutions for the new year that will help you take your skincare routine to the next level.

Don't over-exfoliate.

Avoid trying to feel “squeaky clean” and use a gentle moisturizer. Exfoliating is a good thing, but it can be harmful if you overdo it. Consider this:

  • It can damage your skin. If you're scrubbing too hard or using products with rough exfoliants, you may be causing damage to the surface of your skin and exposing yourself to potential infections or allergic reactions.
  • It won't result in any long-lasting effects. If you think that more exfoliation means fewer wrinkles later on in life, think again! Excessive exfoliation actually causes faster cell turnover, which will make those fine lines look worse by making them appear deeper than they really are when compared with other people's faces who haven't been exfoliating as much as yours has been lately.

Wear SPF every day.

The most important skincare product you will ever use is sunscreen. The best advice I can give is if you don't do it now, start wearing SPF every day. This doesn't mean just applying it before going out in the sun—it means applying it every morning and reapplying every two hours or so (as instructed on the bottle) year-round.

Try not to sleep in makeup.

Try not to sleep in makeup. If you're sleeping with makeup on, it's likely that your skin is being clogged, which can lead to breakouts and other issues. To prevent this from happening, use a good makeup remover and then cleanse your face with a mild cleanser (we love our Essential Daily Facial Cleanser).

Stop touching your face.

You probably know you shouldn't be touching your face, but the problem is that it's so easy to forget. A quick swipe here and there—or even a full-on rubdown—and before you know it, your skin is dry and irritated. To make sure you really commit to this one (which will help with keeping the rest of your resolutions), try putting on gloves every time you wash your hands or go to bed. It'll be an extra step, sure, but it's worth it in the end!

Clean your phone and other surfaces often.

To protect yourself from germs and prevent the spread of bacteria, clean your phone and other surfaces on a regular basis. Your phone is likely one of the dirtiest things in your house and a common source of germs that can be transferred to you. To keep yourself and your skin safe, clean surfaces regularly, especially before eating or drinking near them. Of course, we all know this is already important because of COVID-19, but it's also essential for preventing breakouts, especially if you plan on using your phone while you're out and about.

Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do (and it's really easy!). New Year's Resolutions can be hard to keep so you don't have to be perfect -- just try your best and stay as consistent as you can with your skincare routine!