Is Your Hair Ready For Winter Temperatures? Elon Products You Need Now!

Is Your Hair Ready For Winter Temperatures? Elon Products You Need Now!

You are probably ready to change your skincare routine for the winter temperatures, right? Are you changing your hair care routine, too? The average winter temperature in the United States range from 2.6 to 67.4 degrees Fahrenheit which will have a devastating effect on your hair. Before heading out to get expensive shampoo, condition, anti-frizz, heat protectors, and moisturizers, take a minute to read this article to find out how we can help you with dry, broken, tangled, frizzy, dehydrated, and damaged hair. While your hair might not be ready yet, Elon Essentials hair care products are formulated to keep it healthy and beautiful all winter long.

Do Colder Temperatures Damage Your Hair?

Cold, dry winter air is damaging to your hair as it causes it to break and frizz. Wind will also tangle hair which can be very problematic and painful for people who have thick, curly, or lengthy styles. You also lose lots of moisture which is critical to retaining your hair’s beauty, health, and shine. Routine maintenance will easily become a nuisance when you must detangle it. The pulling and jerking motion causes you to lose, break, or split the ends. With so much brushing, you will produce static electricity which will give your hair life (literally).

  1. Moisturize


It is important to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner so that your hair is more manageable, healthy, and shiny. You will notice you have a velvety texture again.


  1. Get Routine Trims


Split ends will make your hair look messy and unkempt which is why you should get regular trims. Not only will it remove the dead ends, but it will stop hair from shedding.



  1. Use Elon Essentials To Fight Damage


Elon Moisture Therapy Collection is a five-piece set that provides all of the necessary ingredients you need to moisturize, nourish, and replenish your hair naturally.


  • Moisture Therapy Pre-Wash


Our pre-wash is designed to treat weak, dry, brittle hair by restoring its softness with botanical lotions. Moreover, nutrients are critical which is why we include oats, rice, and soy as primary ingredients to give you manageable, healthy locks.


  • Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Conditions


Our moisture therapy shampoo and conditioner protect your hair and follicles from damage. The coconut, jojoba oil, and B5 also make your hair strong and beautify without stripping it of critical oils. The rice and oat keep it vibrant.


  • Moisture Therapy Replenishing Masque


This product also has oat, rice, soy, and soy which further allows your hair to be more manageable and lustrous. The shea butter also protects from dehydration.


  • Moisture Therapy Finishing Spray


This product contains hydrolyzed silk seals to hydrate your hair while using silica to condition and moisturize. The B5 also adds a finishing touch to protect your hair from split ends. This product is ideal for those with color or heat treatments.

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