Introduction To Elon's New Skincare Collection Product

Introduction To Elon's New Skincare Collection Product

Why Do I Need A Facial Moisturizer?

There are many benefits to using a daily facial moisturizer. It acts as protection for sensitive skin types, improves facial texture and tone, and protects the top layer of skin from environmental elements like wind, sun, or air particles. A good moisturizer also improves skin conditions like eczema, acne, and dryness. It also hydrates your skin which enhances your daily beauty routine.

What Ingredients Does Elon’s Facial Moisturizer Have That My Skin Needs?

You should always check a product’s ingredients as some companies use harsh and harmful additives. Elon Essentials will always post our full ingredient list on our website. Most noticeably, our products are paraben-free, organic, and made within the United States. Some of the ingredients you will want to learn more about their health benefits include the following:

  • Hyaluronic Acid


As the skin ages, it tends to lose its natural moisture which causes it to appear dry and creased. Hyaluronic acid is a vital component that keeps your skin hydrated and healthy looking as it enables the skin to absorb and retain moisture at a more profound level.


  • Coconut Oil


There are literally thousands of case studies that show that coconut oil is healthy for the skin and body. It is also a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent which makes for an excellent addition to our skin care product line. Not only does coconut oil have anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that protect your skin from bacteria, viruses, and fungi, but it acts as a healing agent for skin infections. It also aids as a powerful natural agent for sunscreen as well as moisturizes the skin after sun and wind exposure.


  • Vitamin B5


Vitamin B5 regenerates, moisturizes, and heals the skin. When B5 is absorbed, it also functions as a stabilizer which retains water. It is a critical ingredient for dry, scaly skin.


  • Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil is derived from the Simmondsia Chinensis plant which has been used in non-traditional folk medicine for centuries. Jojoba oil today is used for skin ailments, dry skin, and psoriasis. It also acts as a soothing agent and moisturizer for healthy skin.


  • Lavender and Vanilla Infusions


What is better than a moisturizer? A product that works well and has a luxurious lavender and vanilla infused scent. Lavender and vanilla also add a touch of allure and freshness.

How Do I Use Elon Daily Facial Moisturizer?

After cleansing, add Elon Daily Facial Moisturizer to your routine to improve your skin’s health and complexion. Apply Elon Daily Facial Moisturizer before you start your day and when you end it. Simply massage our product to your face and neck area in an upward motion.

Bonus Tip: Add a light amount of moisturizer before your makeup to hold in place longer.

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