Humidity Proof Hair

Humidity Proof Hair


Summertime is one of the best seasons for attending beach parties, picnics at the park, or outdoor concerts. But for your hair, it is the worst as humidity causes all sorts of hair issues. With a few Elon Essential products and styling techniques, here’s how you can achieve humidity-proof hair.

What Causes Humidity Hair?

If you’re like most, you probably spend an hour washing, drying, and styling your hair only to walk out the door and into the intense heat. Why do humidity and heat cause wavy, frizzy, or curly hair? Hair is keratin, so it’s sensitive to humidity because of its molecular structure. When you walk out of the stabilized temperature of your home and into the high temperatures, it causes an electrostatic attraction between molecules in the air and the hair’s protein construction.

Hair is bound by disulfide bonds and hydrogen bonds. Over styling and curling can change the disulfide bond, but humidity in the air can weaken the hydrogen bond. Humidity affects the way protein binds itself. If you have long hair, the hydrogen bonding process turns your hair wavy, and if your hair is curly, it gets frizzy and unmanageable. Learning how to care for and style your hair when humidity is highest is as easy as making a few changes to your daily hair care routine.

Can I Wash And Go?

You might be asking why doesn’t the hair get frizzy when you get it wet. When you wash your hair, it disrupts the hydrogen bond. Usually, when you add your styling gels, it dries and retains the new style and form. When there is an abundance of moisture in the air, it breaks these bonds down and causes the hair to misshape, which is why some hair types tend to get curly, frizzy, sticky, or wavy. If you straighten your hair, moisture also causes it to return to its original form.

How To Achieve Humdity Proof Hair

In some instances, it’s impossible to curl your hair when there is too much humidity in the air. That’s why when you go about your day, you lose the stylish look and feel. Here are some tips.

  • Don’t add any styling products to your hair when the humidity is high. Wash and dry your hair using a moisture-rich therapy shampoo and conditioner to get the necessary nutrients your hair needs to retain its natural beauty, shine, texture, and manageability. Just watch how often you wash your hair to reserve your natural oils to avoid frizz.
  • On days that are highest in humidity, use a no-wash treatment to avoid getting your hair wet. That way, the protein won’t rebond and change its molecular shape and texture.
  • Choose a hassle-free hairstyle like a high ponytail, an elegant top knot, or a side braid. Using a styling gel while your hair is wet to style it will help deal with the humidity.
  • Use an anti-frizz styling product like Elon Moisture Therapy and Finishing Shine.
  • Use an oxygen-rich serum to strengthen your hair follicles and boost microcirculation.


Frizz doesn’t have to ruin your day when you know how to achieve humidity proof hair. Plus, you will get 15% off any of these great products simply by signing up for our Elon newsletter.