How To Reduce Wrinkles

How To Reduce Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are just a natural part of aging that, in many cases, are preventable with a few lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, and daily use of a facial serum rich in ingredients like DMAE and CoQ10. Whether you are experiencing smile lines or see the after-effects of sun damage, there are ways to reduce wrinkles and gain a more youthful and beautiful appearance.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are creases, folds, or crests that develop in the skin, most noticeable to others on the face, neck, or hands, that grow more distinct as a person ages or spends time in certain environmental conditions. Typically, you first notice them on the face because of lifestyle choices like smoking, sunbathing, or facial expressions. Genetics also affect when a person begins to show signs of aging along with deficiencies in nutritional and hydration levels.

No one enjoys seeing the signs of wrinkles which is why consumers spend billions on products that claim to treat or delay them. What the companies fail to take into consideration is that a product needs ingredients that actually work which is why people often feel hindered when trying to delay the onset of subtle lines that make the skin feels less pliable, supple, or moisturized. People want either prevention or reduction of wrinkles which are both attainable.

Many companies also make claims about an ingredient’s power, but it rarely meets the needs of their clients because it lacks other critical components that promote balance. Elon Essentials understands that it takes more than one significant part to erase wrinkles which is why we use DMAE, CoQ10, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E and C which not only provide nourishment and skin conditioning but helps protect the skin’s elasticity and flexibility from free radical damage.

Our experts at Elon Essentials also recognize that consumers hold the most significant power to reduce wrinkles. Here are things you can do in addition to using our skin serum for best results.

  • Facial Expressions


Everyone wants to be happy, and a smile shows that. If you are seeing signs of aging around your lips or eyes, you might just be smiling, squinting, or frowning too often because you are engaging facial muscles that cause grooves to form under the skin. In the skin’s youthful phase, it has more flexibility which people lose as they grow older.


  • Environmental Conditions


Did you know that prolonged UV exposure causes the collagen and elasticity in your skin’s tissue to deteriorate and become less pliable? If you , sunbath, or love the outdoors, you have a much higher possibility of developing wrinkles much sooner in your life.


  • Nutrition And Hydration


You should be drinking two liters of water per day to stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet which many people fall short.  If you find that you need more electrolytes to keep your skin hydrated, drink raw coconut water as it will quickly replenish your skin. You should also be mindful of meeting your daily dietary guidelines to get a balance of nutrients. Also, try a nutritional supplement for healthier, beautiful skin, hair, and nails.


You must also get more sleep, reduce stress, and try our Elon Facial Care Package for just $59.97. You can also learn more about any of our products that revamp your skin.