How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


Are dark undereye circles making you feel down? If you want to know what causes them and the steps you can take to prevent them, read further. This short guide provides suggestions on ways to minimize the appearance of ‘bags’ under the eyes so you can look and feel your best with less puffiness.

The suggestions provided here are simple and easy to execute. After all, we know that you don’t have a lot of extra time to dedicate to your skincare routine. Best of all, the tips we’ve included fit into your daily schedule effortlessly because they complement the things that you’re already doing to take exceptionally good care of your skin.

Say Bye-Bye to Undereye Bags and Dark Circles

Here are some of the ways to get rid of those pesky dark circles under your eyes:

  • Gua Sha. The practice involves taking a ‘scraping’ tool made of jade or quartz and gently stimulating the skin to wake up the lymphatic system and get stagnant blood flowing once again. It’s a practice that can be done with other skincare practices without interfering with their benefits. The lymph nodes remove built-up toxins in the body. When clogged, they can cause many problems with the skin including dark undereye circles.
  • Using extra virgin coconut oil on the skin. Use a generous dollop and massage it gently into the skin under the eyes. Allow the coconut oil to work its magic for a few minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. You should notice a distinct difference in the color of the skin under your eyes.
  • Boil tea bags and allow them to cool completely before placing them over your eyes. Green tea, in particular, has skin-nourishing antioxidants in it. It can help soothe puffy eyelids, too. Make sure to never use hot tea bags. You can place them in the fridge for a few minutes to ensure that they are cool to the touch and safe to put on your face.
  • Eat a diet rich with flavonoids and omega-3 fatty acids. Add dark chocolate, salmon, and walnuts to your shopping list. You won’t be disappointed in how less noticeable the bags under your eyes become with a change in what you eat. As little as one ounce of dark chocolate can be what it takes to improve the appearance of your skin quickly.

Being mindful about how you care for the delicate skin around your eyes is important as it can prevent fine lines and wrinkles from appearing prematurely. It also lessens your dependency on concealer and promotes a healthy lymphatic system. If you haven’t yet tried some of the suggestions mentioned above, it’s time to explore your options to see which recommendations work best for you.

Good Eye Creams and Gels are a True Investment in You

Rid yourself of dark circles by doing the aforementioned things listed above. You’ll notice that the skin under your eyes is less puffy, too. Investing in quality eye creams and gels helps you achieve noticeable results in less time. Check out Elon Essential’s new anti-aging products for options to explore. You’ll love how quickly they become a part of your daily skincare routine with little effort.