How To Get Nails To Grow Faster And Stronger? 5 Nail Care Products You Need!

How To Get Nails To Grow Faster And Stronger? 5 Nail Care Products You Need!

Are you tired of paying premium prices at the nail care salon? Do you want to add nail art to your nail care routine? Now you can by learning Elon’s best-kept product secrets to get your nails to grow faster and stronger. Here are a few of the nail care basics that you need to know.

Nail Care Basics

Since you want to make your nails grow faster and stronger, you need to understand nail care basics. Your fingernails consist of multiple protein layers called keratin. Beautiful, healthy nails should be thick, smooth, and white and have a consistent pinkish plate coloring underneath it. The color and growth pattern are the first signs that there is an underlying risk of a health issue.

  • The nail bed is the underlying tissue underneath the plate. As the nail bed is tissue, a broken or torn nail causes a painful experience when this tender area is exposed. The nail cuticle, or nail bed, protect the new nails from bacteria exposure as it grows from the plate which is why you must take extra precautions from infections and damage.



  • The nail plate grows out of the nail matrix which is the base of the nail that connects to the nail bed. The nail plate is not tissue-based as it is made from keratin which is why it is susceptible to repeated cracks and breaks.



  • The next secret to getting your nails to grow faster and stronger is by taking care of the nail bed and matrix areas. In turn, your nail bed will grow faster and stronger.


Using these three products long-term will help support your nail body’s health which also makes your nails grow longer and stronger by following this nail care routine for your nail care basics.

Does Biotin Make Nails Grow Faster?

Does biotin make nails grow faster? Biotin is a component that promotes nail growth, prevents breakage, and strengthens brittle nails. Getting biotin from vitamins and minerals is just not enough, so taking a supplement and using products that have biotin in it will promote nail health.

  • Elon Matrix 3000 for Healthier & Stronger Nails provides a vigorous dose of nourishment, prevents cracking, breaking, and brittleness, and provides the necessary biotin, L-cysteine, and silicon dioxide your nails need for wellbeing.
  • Using Elon Nail Revitalizing Hand Soap will strengthen your nails by providing a protective layer on your nails. You will reduce the damage from over-hydration and dehydration by balancing the amount of moisture during each washing.

Everyone wants beautiful, healthy nails but it is not always achievable all on our own. Adding Elon Essentials products to your nail care routine ensures you have your nail care basics down.