How To Get Beach Hair

How To Get Beach Hair

Are you going on a beach vacation or just want beach hair to look the part? Whether you have long hair or short, heating irons or not, you can achieve this ever popular beach hairstyle that will be on-trend all summer long. The key is to find a way to get it that is laidback and effortless. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get beach hair without a trip to the salon.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin any of these beach hair techniques, you will want to gather your supplies. Depending on the beach hairstyle you choose, you will need a comb, a curling iron, a flat-iron, styling gel, mousse, hair accessories, heat protectant, and a quality styling and finishing spray.

  1. Braid Your Hair


The easiest way to get beach hair is by braiding or plaiting your hair before you go to bed. You’ll need to wash your hair before you start. You will need to divide your hair into four equal parts and make buns if you prefer. You can also use a mousse or gel to perfect this ready-to-wear hairstyle. Once you get them braided and secured, simply go to sleep. Once you awaken, you can remove the braids or buns for beautiful, tight waves.


  1. Roll Up Your Hair


Another way to achieve beach hair without heat is by using a hair accessory to roll up and tie off your strands at the base of your head. It will lead to fuller, thicker beach hair.


  1. Use A Flat Iron


Flat irons are really useful in making beachy waves. You will need a flat iron and a quality heat protectant to achieve this style. Depending on your hair type, begin the process by straightening your hair. It sounds counterproductive, but you want to ensure hair uniformity, so all the strands need to be straightened before you start to create the beach hairstyle. Once your tool is hot, use your flat iron to alternate it back and forth as you move it down the hair strands. This technique creates a stunning, curly appearance.


  1. Curling Irons


When using a curling iron, you first need to separate your hair into sections. Start by taking a small part and intertwining it on the curling iron. You need to make sure each time you curl an area that they are all being turned in the same direction for four seconds. This technique creates a natural, wavy appearance that looks outgoing and comfortable. If you prefer a more tousled and curved look, try wrapping the hair in different directions. Don’t forget to add a bit of hairspray to your hair to make sure it lasts all day or night.


  1. Try A Beachwaver Tool

With your regular heating tools, it’s hard to get a grasp of just how to twist, tangle, or rotate. If nothing else works, try something like a Beachwaver as it takes care of it for you, which will make it much easier to achieve a seaside hairstyle without much effort.

Regardless of the beach hair technique you choose to try, make sure you also utilize the proper hair care collection that will help you retain your hair’s moisture and replenish its natural beauty.