How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

There are two types of people on Valentine's day those who get to enjoy a candlelit dinner under the stars at a beach or a romantic date at a hotel resort and those who are single for reasons best known to them. If you are in the second category, don’t sit at home and wallow in sadness because you have no one to bring you heart chocolates or write you cute handwritten notes.

Valentines is all about love and not your relationship status.  No reason to be blue because you’re flying solo. Here are some ideas to help you enjoy Valentine's as a single woman.

1.  Make it a Chill Night for Yourself

February is the month of love, but it's also one of the busiest months of the year. Since this year's Valentine's day will be on the weekend, what better way to spend it than sitting and relaxing in a bubble bath. 

Light your bathroom area with beautiful candles and roses, then soak yourself up for an hour or two with a glass of wine nearby. For those two hours, close your eyes and let the warm bath bomb filled water soothe you. Later, soothe yourself with the Elon hydration package, slide in your favorite PJs, and keep up with your favorite Netflix movie, have a movie marathon, or hit the sheets and snooze off. It'll be such a quiet and relaxing night you probably won't even notice time ebb away.

2.  Go for a Spa Date with Your Girls

If for reasons best known to you don't fancy the idea of spending this Valentine alone, then don't. Bundle up your girls who are also single and treat yourselves to a spa date. Note, this doesn't necessarily have to be a group of girls as you can even do it with only one friend or your favorite relative.

At the end of the spa day, you can also treat yourselves to a candlelit dinner and end the day with a fun movie and a pajama sleepover. You'll have had fun instead of sleeping in and being sad about your relationship status.

3.  Attend a Singles Only Dinner

Another fun way to enjoy Valentine's when single is to join other singles in celebrating it. Checkout singles only dinners and parties near you, and if they suit you, sign up for them. This way, you'll not only keep loneliness at bay but also have a chance of meeting an eligible bachelor who's as single as you are and would like to give relationships another shot.

4.  Get Your Glow On

Although beauty is skin deep, how your skin is and looks can significantly affect your confidence. For instance, acne problems can greatly mess with your self-esteem. They can make you feel insecure, especially on a day when the town is painted red, and all you can see everywhere are couples holding hands or sitting each other in restaurants. In that light, the best way to inject a dose of instant self-confidence if you're single and feeling low this Valentine is to pamper your skin. Get yourself that skincare package you’ve always wanted and show your skin some love.


Love is a beautiful thing, and so is a relationship. But if you're flying solo this year, you can still relish the beauty of Valentines by making it all about self-love or enjoying with your friends.