Healthy Skin & No Makeup

Healthy Skin & No Makeup

Make-up is generally used to enhance your features and cover up skin imperfections. It is also a confidence booster. These are definitely factors in the beauty industry, but is make-up healthy for the skin? Wearing make-up actually exposes your skin to harmful toxins and chemicals that lead to health complications. Here’s what you need to know about make-up and skin health.

Make-up Clogs Your Pores

From foundation to powders and blush, your pores absorb it all. When you think about the dirt, debris, and air pollution that your skin is already exposed to, the added make-up compacts the pores and enlarges them. Going make-up free will help your pores look smaller and healthier.

Reduce Your Acne Breakouts

People tend to use make-up every day, so the number of toxins you expose your skin to is continuous and long-term. Your skin will eventually react to the chemicals and germs that trigger acne breakouts. Not using make-up will not only reduce your acne, but it will contribute to attractive skin. Using a facial cleanser will also remove all the dirt and grime causing the acne.

Fewer Skin Irritations

Your skin is also subject to irritation and reactions when subjected to certain types of make-up, like eyeliners and mascara. Most especially around the eyes, the skin can become irritated, red, dry, swollen, and crusty when a person suffers from severe reactions to make-up sensitivities.

Make-Up Allergies

About twenty-five percent of people experience skin allergies from make-up because there are thousands of ingredients that qualify as contact allergens. Not using cosmetics will reduce the likelihood of experiencing rashes, itchiness, and dryness, which will help your skin flourish. You will also ensure your skin does not come into contact with compounds, parabens, or sulfates.

Dry Skin

Make-up will disrupt the body’s cell repair and replacement functioning, so if you are not cleansing properly, it will wreak havoc as dead skin cells build up. Take a break from make-up to give your skin time to restore cell health. It will lead to a more vibrant, natural look because of moisture retention. Using a skin repair system will help rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin.

Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Aging is a natural part of life, but the make-up that you are using to hide those fine lines and wrinkles may just be what is causing them to turn into deep crevices. Make-up settles down into those surface areas and causes them to widen and deepen. No matter how much foundation you put on, it won’t cover up aging signs. Ditch the make-up and try a facial serum for youthfulness.

Environmental Elements

If you have been using your make-up every day because it has SPF, you might want to pay attention as experts warn that layering on your make-up doesn’t allow the SPF to absorb fully into the skin layers. This makes it less effective, and less likely, the wearer will get enough protection to avoid sun damage. Going without make-up and using a facial moisturizer will help.

You’ll not only look better without make-up, but you will also feel more confident because of your skin’s radiant look. Your skin will also get to breathe, which your pores will appreciate.