Everything You Need To Know About Elon Daily Facial Serum

Everything You Need To Know About Elon Daily Facial Serum

Using Elon Daily Facial Serum is an incredibly important part of a daily skin care routine as it gives your face the exact amount of nutrition, hydration, and moisture it needs every day. Using a face serum also helps your skin absorb moisture deep under your skin’s surface which will help counteract the most common facial issues like wrinkles, acne, dry skin, crow’s feet, and coloring.


What Does A Face Serum Do?

Using a face serum is a simple process that you can easily integrate into your morning and evening skin care routines. While you often hear about using sunscreens to protect your skin, more people today are integrating facial serums into their daily regimens as it delivers the right results. Some people also tend to shy away from companies who charge hundreds of dollars, but Elon Daily Facial Serum’s formula is valued at $29.99 which we affordably price to allow the accessibility to our DMAE and CoQ10 formula which is more effective than other options.      


Choosing Elon Dialy Face Serums For Dry Skin And Acne

Elon Daily Facial Serum contains all the necessary ingredients to fight dry skin and acne including Vitamin C and E. Vitamin C and E are critical in a face serum for dry skin as it plays a significant role in keeping your skin looking young, hydrated, and healthy. They also provide the nourishment needed to protect your skin from free radicals which damage and age skin layers. Vitamin C and E also provide critical nourishment to clean your pores and fight against acne.


Benefits Of A Face Serum

The key ingredients in Elon Daily Facial Serum are formulated to deliver results including fruit extracts, hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, DMAE, and vitamins which give your skin a firm, hydrated, radiant, toned, attractive appearance without any signs of spots, fine lines, or creases. For the best results, use Elon Daily Facial Serum in the morning and night to ensure your face is protected from UV rays and radicals and night for an anti-aging effect. Our serum, and all of our products are also made within the United States for all skin types and are also paraben-free.


Face Serum Directions

Always use a facial serum after using Elon Daily Facial Cleanser to ensure your pores are unclogged and dirt is removed. It will also ensure your face is appropriately exfoliated to remove dead skin cells, oil, and make-up. Pay close attention to the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin area. You do not need to apply but a small pea-sized amount of Elon Daily Facial Serum.

Spread a dab evenly on your face in a gentle, circular, upward sweeping motion as it will ensure the serum absorbs deeper into your skin. Wait a minute before applying Elon Daily Facial Moisturizer to your same facial areas as the serum which will seal in the nourishment and hydration. You can also apply your make-up or other face care routine products you use daily.

Tip: All of these three dynamic products are available together in the Elon Facial Care Package for just $59.97. Check out our Elon Skin Repair System for your hands and body as well.