Elon Essentials Guide To Hair Loss: 17 Reasons For Hair Thinning And Balding

Elon Essentials Guide To Hair Loss: 17 Reasons For Hair Thinning And Balding

While it is a common fact that men have higher rates of balding than women, thinning is a genderless problem because of the body’s reaction to medical conditions, traumas, dietary changes, and genetics. The good news is that most of these issues are treatable with medical intervention, dietary changes, and quality-made hair care and nutritional products. Here is an Elon Essentials Guide To Hair Loss and the effective products that counteract these issues.

  1. Physical And Emotional Stress


Stress, whether it is physical or mental, causes hair loss called telogen effluvium. As hair moves through a normal life cycle of growth, rest, and shedding, stress can shock the body into disrupting it. Hair will resume its natural growth cycle after the body recovers. Reducing stress, getting therapy, and using hair-growth products will restore it.


  1. Pregnancy


Hair thinning during pregnancy is common because of changes in hormone levels. It is most common after the birth of a child because of the physical trauma to the body. If thinning or loss occurs, do not panic as it will begin to grow back as the body recovers.


  1. Over-Abundance of Vitamin A


While nutritional supplements are important, taking too much can also be problematic and cause hair loss to occur. The daily recommendation of Vitamin A is 5.000 (IU), but some supplements use double the daily recommendation they need which triggers reactions. Reducing your Vitamin A intake will cause hair growth to resume naturally.


  1. Protein Inefficiency


A lack of protein also causes hair loss as it will shut down critical functions like hair growth. Symptoms include prolonged hunger, fatigue, depression, and muscle loss. If you experience hair loss, eat high-protein foods and take a hair growth nutritional supplement.


  1. Heredity


Hair loss is genetically common in some families who experience age-inspired loss or balding patterns. You will benefit greatly from hair loss prevention or loss products. You will also want to invest in hair accessories that accentuate your styling techniques.


  1. Anemia


Anemia causes symptoms like fatigue, headaches, paleness, dizziness, and hair loss because of an iron deficiency. If you are anemic, eat foods rich in iron like broccoli or strawberries and take iron supplements to resume hair growth and reduce symptoms.


  1. Hypothyroidism


Hypothyroidism is a common problem for some people which affects metabolism and hormone levels. Often times, thyroid medication will regulate it and resume hair growth.


  1. Vitamin B Deficiency


Vitamin B deficiencies are common because of the change in diet that can cause symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, and hair loss. Eating veggies, fish, or fruits will help.


  1. Hair Loss Due To Auto-Immune Deficiency


Auto-immune deficiencies often confuse the body’s immune system into reacting to normal things they believe are foreign. Hair loss is a reaction to this auto-immune issue.


  1. Weight Loss


While healthy weight loss is normal, a sudden onset of weight loss, trauma, or eating disorder will cause hair thinning to occur. As the body stresses or undergoes constant nutritional deficiencies, the skin and scalp will react to the loss of healthy cell transfer.


  1. Chemotherapy


Cancer is an intrusive condition and the consequences of the drugs used to treat it are just as damaging. Chemotherapy is meant to destroy cancer cells, but it also destroys the dividing cells that lead to hair growth. Chemotherapy is a must, so once complete, your hair will begin to grow back. Researchers are currently working on the way to avoid good cells damage. For now, cancer sufferers are investing in thinning hair kits for growth.


  1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


PCOS is a hormone imbalance condition that affects both men and women which causes several issues including hair thinning, loss, weight gain, cysts, and menstrual irregularities. Seeing a doctor to treat the PCOS will reverse the effects of it.


  1. Normal Use Of Some Medications


Some medications, like blood-pressure, thinners, and NSAIDs, encourage hair loss. This is a temporary change as the body is undergoing a reactive measure to adapt to their presence. Talk with a medical professional about a substitute if you experience hair loss.


  1. Regular Coloring Or Styling Routine


Hair care is a daily routine for most people in which styling products are used. The consumption of the wrong products and styling techniques cause serious long-term damage to the hair cuticles and strands. OTC brands with chemicals, tight pulling of the hair during braiding, and using hair straighteners, hot-oil treatments, and relaxers are too harsh as these practices damage the root of the hair to the point it will not grow back. Experts advise avoiding these styling practices and using a moisture-therapy conditioner.


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  1. Mental Health Disorders


Some mental health disorders, like trichotillomania, cause people to pull their hair out impulsively. While some people do tend to play with their hair as a coping mechanism, there are others who pull and play with their hair strands uncontrollably to the point of breakage and dislocation. It is four times progressive with women than men but can be controlled with antidepressant medications and behavioral health intervention. Bottom of Form


  1. Age-Related Hair Loss


People who reach older aging stages experience hair thinning and loss naturally. Because age is a factor, doctors believe it better to use formulated hair care products, nutritional supplements, and cosmetic techniques like hats and scarves to counter-act the changes.Bottom of Form


  1. Muscle-Enhancing Steroid Use


It is quite common in certain industries, like medicine or fitness, for people to consume steroids. When anabolic steroids are abused for muscle-enhancing purposes, hair-loss is a common response based on data from the American Academy of Dermatology. Once you stop consuming anabolic steroids, normal hair-growth will resume at a regular rate.

Hair loss, in most cases, is fully preventable and renewable with the right resources which are why Elon Essentials uses our product research to counteract the negative stereotypes of hair loss and balding. The important part about hair restoration is the type of products you use which is why we only use the best ingredients in our products to stimulate natural hair growth. Unlike other products, our Elon Matrix supplements are also free of gluten, lactose, wheat, corn, starch, preservative, artificial color, and yeast free so you are only getting the ingredients you need.