Do's and Don'ts to Keep Your Skin and Hair Hydrated During Winter

Do's and Don'ts to Keep Your Skin and Hair Hydrated During Winter

We all know the colder it gets, the harder it is for skin and hair to stay hydrated and moisturized. So, if you find that your skin freaks out when the seasons change, you're not alone! The cold temperatures, low humidity levels, and indoor heat result in dry air that draws moisture out of the skin. So here are a few Do's and Don'ts for adapting your skincare and haircare routine to combat cold weather.


Don't over-exfoliate.

Exfoliating can be a great way to renew your skin, but if your routine currently includes exfoliating a few times a week - it might be time to cut back as it gets colder. Feeling squeaky clean is awesome, but over-exfoliating can break down the skin's protective barrier and leave you exposed to the elements. If you start to experience excessive dryness, irritation, redness, and sensitivity after your routine, take these as a sign you might be overdoing it and need to change it up. Use skincare products with premium organic ingredients like our Daily Facial Moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.



Do Protect your skin barrier.

Keeping your skin barrier healthy is essential for skin health. Think of it as a shield for your face that protects your skin from damage caused by toxins and free radicals. Over-exfoliating and using too many products with acids or retinol can weaken your skin barrier, making your face more prone to breakouts. Instead, use nourishing & moisturizing products with a lower pH to balance your skin and space out how often you use active ingredients.


Don't overwash your hair.

Like your skincare routine, overwashing can cause your hair to dry out and become flakey because it strips your hair of its natural oils. The natural oils on your head keep your hair moisturized and protected. Overwashing can also cause your hair to create product build-up or residue that impacts the texture and deprives your hair of the ability to absorb the moisture it needs. 


Do use a scalp cleanser.

If you feel like your favorite hair care products are no longer doing what they're supposed to, you probably need to replenish your hair with a soothing cleanser. Try a scalp cleanser that can enhance your hair and eliminate build-up, improving your hair's overall health and appearance. Our scalp cleanser contains Ginkgo Biloba and Aloe Leaf that gives your hair the major reset & deep cleanse it needs without stripping your hair strands.


Winter can be harsh on our skin, so switching up your routine to nourish and hydrate your skin is worth it. Take a look at our shop for more nourishing products that give you healthier skin and hair.