Do You Suffer Hair Loss From Stress? Try Elon Essentials As A Hair Loss Solution

Do You Suffer Hair Loss From Stress? Try Elon Essentials As A Hair Loss Solution

There are plenty of studies that support the link between air loss and stress. For people who experience it, the first-hand accounts of living with the stress from chronic illness, anxiety, or emotional exhaustion stand as a testament to how difficult it is to overcome. Whether you are considering hair loss treatment or want to learn more about Elon Essentials products as a hair loss solution, here is everything you need to know if you suffer from it acutely or chronically.

Different Types Of Hair Loss Conditions That Are Stress-Related

There are three types of hair loss that people who experience stress will get diagnosed with.

  • Trichotillomania


Trichotillomania is a condition that affects people of all ages with the impulse to pull out the hair on the head, face, and body. While some people feel the desire to do it, others do not even know it is taking place until after it is done. Symptoms begin as a slight tingling and grow to a strong desire that sufferers feel the only way to overcome is by pulling a strand or handfuls of hair out. It is also acerbated by stress when dealing with shame.


There is a lack of understanding in the medical community as to what causes this condition, but experts believe that stress and genetics are likely factors that disrupt the neurotransmitters from communicating properly. It is important to contact a medical specialist to help patients with trichotillomania by dealing with the urges of therapy and medication. Once a patient has dealt with the issues, the hair will grow back.


  • Telogen Effluvium


Telogen effluvium is a temporary, high-stress hair loss condition that causes the hair follicles to remain in a resting stage. It will eventually cause some of the strands to fall out during tasks like washing, brushing, or styling hair. This condition will also continue to affect hair loss and new growth as long as a person is under extreme stress.


Telogen effluvium is often brought on by stress as well as the effects of illness, injury, childbirth, vaccinations, unhealthy dieting, fatigue, or surgery. This hair loss condition recovers on its own without seeking medical treatment. You can use a hair loss shampoo and conditioner, nutritional supplements, and meditation for this disorder.


  • Alopecia Areata


There are different causes of Alopecia areata that affects millions of Americans including high levels of stress that targets the hair follicles and causes hair loss. Some people experience patches while others have extreme scalp hair loss where symptoms occur quickly. While there is no cure, some people will recover without treatment.

Elon Essentials Products That Offer A Solution To Hair Loss And Stress

Elon Essentials provides a number of products as a hair loss solution. From our Moisture Therapy Hair Care Collection to thinning hair kits, Elon Essentials improves manageability, breakage, thinning, and over-the-counter product damage. Nutritional supplements will provide the nourishment from biotin, silica, and L-cysteine needed to encourage new hair growth.

If you are experiencing any of these issues and need a hair loss cure, a combination of treatments will help overcome the challenges of stress to promote fuller and healthier hair growth.