Blow Dry Your Hair And Have Heat Damage? Elon Hair Care Will Restore Your Hair

Blow Dry Your Hair And Have Heat Damage? Elon Hair Care Will Restore Your Hair

Whether you have curly locks that need a bit of maintenance before work or school, or you love the convenience of washing and drying your hair to style it before you go out, a blow dryer is an appropriate device to have on hand. It is also something that allows you to achieve a professional blow-out at home without the high price of a salon to perfect a flawless look. If you blow-dry your hair and have heat damage, here is how Elon Hair Care will restore your hair.

5 Crucial Issues That Cause Blow Dryer Heat Damage

  1. Qualify Of Blow Dryer


One of the quickest ways heat damages your hair is by using a cheap blow dryer. Most especially if you blow dry your hair every day or have thick locks, cheap products will not protect your hair from the direct application of heat for more extended periods of time. Quality-made blow dryers have air technology, multiple heat controls, and power.

It reduces damage because it disrupts drying times and controls the temperature applied.


  1. Your Towel Wrap Process


We all tend to grab towels and wrap it around our hair for an extended period while we perform a facial routine. The problem is that the material towels are made of usually is of a cotton-blend which damages your hair because of the continued friction it creates. It will make your hair strands more susceptible to heat damage and breakage. Allowing your hair to air-dry or using a sizeable micro-filled towel will reduce the amount of wetness that is present which a blow dryer needs to eliminate while minimizing damage.


  1. The Type Of Brush You Use


A brush is a brush, right? It turns out it will cause hair damage if it is the wrong design, so your hair type and styling results are critical things to consider before purchasing one. You will want to buy a round brush if you are seeking bouncy volume. Ceramics are preferable for long, straight hair. For coarse hair, a boar bristle works much better.


  1. The Way You Dry Your Hair


Do you immediately go from a wash routine to the blow dryer? Hair care stylists believe it is best to start on medium or low heat cycles to reduce wetness while also avoiding tangles, split ends, and frizziness. Use Elon styling and finishing spray on your hair before giving it a quick blast of high heat. Playing with the roots will also add volume.


  1. Lack Of A Quality Hair Care Product Routine


Using quality products as part of your hair care routine is vital as it prevents breakage, frizz, and split ends. Using Elon Moisture Therapy Collection will also provide a blended balance of protein, moisturizer, and nourishment to restore hair health and manageability.


Do you have a blow-dryer or hair care routine that you like? Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite Elon Essential hair care product is as well as how you regularly apply it.