9 Things Your Hair Care Routine Needs In 2019

9 Things Your Hair Care Routine Needs In 2019

Are you tired of watching hair care commercials that promise shimmery, shiny hair and not getting the results promised? Do you want salon results from your hair care at home but have yet to find the right products that deliver? If you are on the hair care journey in the new year to find products that work, Elon Essentials has everything you need. Here are nine things your hair care routine needs in 2019 that will help you get a cleaner, fuller, and healthier hair and scalp.

  1. Use The Right Type Of Brush

Your brushing techniques are critical as it pulls the hair strands from the cuticles and causes damage. Be gentle when brushing and minimize playing and pulling it.

  1. Use A Pre-Wash For Hair Moisture Therapy

Do you pre-wash? If you are experiencing dry, brittle, damaged, or dull hair, you need to add Elon Moisture Therapy Pre-Wash to your hair care basics as it will give you the salon therapy shimmer and protection without the high cost to get it. It cleanses your scalp, so the cuticles get the therapy it needs to promote growth.

  1. Use A Moisture-Rich Shampoo And Conditioner

There are a million shampoo and conditioner hair care products on the market. Elon Moisture Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner boosts your hair care routine with sunflower seed extract to protect your hair from UV damage while the rice and oat proteins add daily moisture, texture, and manageability. Pro-Vitamin B5 also builds strength and nourishment to your cuticles and strands.

  1. Use A Scalp Replenishing Mask

Do you need to repair or hydrate your hair from damage or restore moisture and nutrients? Elon Moisture Therapy Replenishing Masque will penetrate the scalp and provide moisture therapy for follicle health and nutrition that counterbalances dead ends and frizz which promotes natural hair growth. The addition of the shea butter will hydrate while the coconut and silica will condition and shine.

  1. Use A Leave-In Treatment Between Washes

Your scalp needs the right type of cleansing, conditioning, and nourishment between washes, so use a no-wash leave-in treatment for follicle absorption.

  1. Take Hair Care Nutritional Supplements

Between washes, your hair needs nutrients to bring oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to your scalp, follicles, and strands to keep them healthy, strong, and growing.

  1. Use A Hair Serum

Do you want to grow your hair and stimulate nutrient microcirculation? Elon Concentrated Serum will do just that with its formulated Ginko Biloba, peppermint, and biotin ingredients that will give you stronger, healthier hair.

  1. Use A Scalp Cleaner

Elon Scalp Cleaner has bio-essentials and glycoproteins that soothes your scalp and reinvigorates hair growth to look healthier and fuller than ever before.

  1. Use A Styling And Finishing Shine

Ready for some hydration and moisturizer? Elon Moisture Therapy Styling & Finishing Shine delivers pro-vitamin B5 and hydrolyzed silk to prevent frizz, damage, and split ends. It also soothes your cuticles when styling.

You never again have to buy hair care brands that do not deliver. Elon Essentials has everything you need from a pre-wash to a finishing shine to boost your hair care routine.