7 Tips and Essentials Products for Happy and Healthy Summer Hair

7 Tips and Essentials Products for Happy and Healthy Summer Hair

This summer, we are determined to look and feel our absolute best. It's a season where the natural lighting is perfect for that fire social media picture. The last thing anyone wants is dry and unruly hair, but maintaining hair and scalp health is easier said than done. 

Right now, the sun is working overtime; too much exposure to your luscious locks can dehydrate, brittle, and damage your follicles. Going for a dip may provide relief from the heat, but could lead to even more damage. Pool chemicals (such as chlorine) are directly responsible for balding!

For worry-free outdoor fun, and preserving your look, here is a list of 7 tips and essential products that you (and your hair) will love!

Elon Hair Gummies

Who wouldn’t love a gummy candy that is good for you?! Biotin is everything for healthy hair growth and each Elon Hair Gummy satisfies the sweet tooth with 5,000 mcg of Biotin per serving. These healthy candies are also enriched with Vitamin C, E, B12, B5… basically, all of the best nutrients that support the immune system. Add one of these to your vitamin regimen and watch what they can do for your hair. 

elon essentials hair gummy vitamins

Concentrated Hair Serum

What’s better than a long shower after a day in the water? This leave-in treatment results in a smooth, shiny mane. The serum’s anti-inflammatory formula delivers healthy nutrients to encourage lustrous shine!

Ditch Extra Heat

Go au natural this summer and skip blow drying and straightening your hair! Embrace your natural texture and try a sea salt spray for that coveted beachy look all season long.

woman standing in front of the ocean

Elon Scalp Cleanser

Nourishing the source is the most important thing you can do for your hair. The Elon Scalp Cleanser reduces breakage and serves as an ideal base for strong growth. Aloe Leaf ingredients provide cooling relief from skin irritation.

Woman holding Elon Scalp Cleanser in the shower

Wash Less Often

The more you wash your hair the more you strip it of much needed natural oils. Dry shampoo is your new summer bff. This miracle product can help keep your hair looking fresh giving your hair bouncy body and texture while absorbing excess oils.

Elon Moisture Therapy Finishing Shine

Heat and humidity is a quick way to undo all the love you give your hair daily.  The final step for perfect summer hair is a few drops of our lightweight Therapy Finishing Shine spray to condition those tresses and tame those pesky flyaways. This multi-faceted product even strengthens the hair in order to prevent breaking, splitting and a wilted appearance.

woman in a hat sitting by the pool

Protect Your Color

You spent good money on that blonde bombshell vibe so you’re going to want to protect it. Make sure all of your hair products are color safe. If you already use and love Elon Essentials hair care products, you’re in luck because all of ours are Color-Safe and Paraben-Free! Go a step further and wear a hat or scarf when you’re outdoors for long periods of time. 

Have a great summer!