5 Ways To Build Up Your Skin Barrier

5 Ways To Build Up Your Skin Barrier

The outermost area of the skin is called stratum corneum, or the skin barrier, and is one of the hardest working parts on the body because it shields your organs from injury, disease, pollution, and toxins, UV, and irritants. If you are prone to dry, weak, scaly, or damaged skin, you need to build up the barrier to reduce the likelihood that your body will suffer. You also want to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.


Why Does The Skin Barrier Need Protection?

Your skin is built to retain moisture to balance hydration. It is what makes it supple yet radiant and buoyant. When your skin looks unhealthy, it is a sign that you are not maintaining the lipids which make your body appear dry, scaly, and dull looking. When the surface is weak, it allows for the penetration of harmful chemicals or toxins that cause the skin to become more sensitive and appear red and irritated.

Ways To Build Up The Skin Barrier

  1. Simplify Your Skincare Routine

One of the worst ways to damage or weaken your skin is to overcomplicate your skincare routine. While a short-term practice can be beneficial, long-term habits can be damaging to your skin barrier. Start by looking at your beauty products and get rid of anything that has harsh ingredients including alcohol, scrubs, foaming cleansers, and cleansing brushes or cloths that disrupt your body’s natural moisturizing process. It will allow you to retain your skin’s hydration.

  1. Balance Your PH

The skin naturally fights off stressors with the help of normal pH levels which is determined by how alkaline or acidic it is. A neutral zone will be around seven with one being acidic and fourteen being alkaline. The skin barrier has a thin layering called acid mantle composed of sebum which then mixes with sweat which affects the pH balance. When you have pH imbalance, bacteria can irritate the skin, cause infections, promote odor, or lose its ability to protect the body.

  1. Watch Your Stress Level

Your skincare routine is not the only thing that matters as mental and physical stress on the body can also affect the healing process. Under such conditions, an injury to the skin barrier will lead to a continued healing and prolonged recovery process which will leave the epidermis weak.

  1. Use A Dietary Supplement

The healthier your body is, the stronger your skin barrier will be as well. You need to ensure you consume a nutritious diet including fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. If you are not getting the daily requirements, a nutritional supplement will ensure your skin barrier gets the right ones.


  1. Use A Barrier Protectant


If you have dry skin or issues from moisture contact, you need to use a barrier protectant like Elon Barrier Protectant with Built-In Skin Repair to protect it from any damage.


Defending your skin and building up the barrier is not as difficult as it seems. With just a few simple changes, you will protect yourself from any stressors that reduce hydration, healthiness, and vivacity.