5 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated During Your Flight

5 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated During Your Flight

Planning to skip the cold, harsh weather, and spend your Christmas holiday somewhere sunny? Or are you more in the group of people who embrace winter and spend Christmas holidays skiing in a far off destination? Well, have fun with whichever category you fit in but keep in mind the environment inside a plane cabin is usually moisture-free. Therefore a flight, regardless of how short it might be, will wreak havoc on your skin. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case as following the skin tips below will help you maintain that glow on your skin before, during, and after the flight.

  1. Brace Your Skin for the Harsh Flight Conditions

The secret to getting off a long-haul flight with fresh, glowing skin lies in how you take care of it before the flight. In that breath, don’t wait until you are in the plane cabin to apply that moisturizer. Instead, exfoliate and moisturize the night before you fly. Why exfoliate? Well, it helps clear out the dead skin, which in turn aids in moisture absorption. Next, use a moisturizing mask for deep hydration.

  1. Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly before the Flight

The more moisture you have within your body and skin, the more hydrated your skin will be during and post-flight. Unfortunately, the air inside the plane cabin tends to literally suck moisture out of your skin, which is why you should strive to lock it in.

To do this, cleanse your face thoroughly before you leave your home. Use a gentle cleansing product like Elon Daily Facial Cleanser. The cleanser is packed with a bunch of botanical extracts, thus efficiently clears out all the pore-clogging dirt out. Also, apply a rich base oil and a moisturizer with a denser consistency. This will go a long way in preventing moisture loss during the flight.

  1. Take Lots of Water

Hydrating using the right skin products is excellent, but the results will be even more effective if you do your part and keep your body hydrated. Therefore, take a lot of water before, during, and after the flight. If you can't take the plain taste of water, then consider adding a vegetable like cucumber or fruits like strawberry to enhance the flavor.

  1. Pack a Hydration Package

Skincare shouldn't stop at home. Ensure you pack skincare products that will help lock-in moisture in your carry on. For instance, the Elon Hydration package contains a hyaluronic serum, which is more effective than regular serum as it penetrates deeply, hence replenishing your moisture levels. It also includes a moisturizer and an eye-gel. Such products are even more essential if it's going to be a long-haul flight.

  1. Go Make-Up Free

To help you understand just how low the humidity on air is, it’s vital to note that the air inside the plane is made up of only 10% humidity. This means the environment of an airplane cabin, is drier than a desert, as the humidity level in deserts is at 25%. Therefore, as much as you love looking good, fly make up free. If you can't stand to leave the house or even be seen without makeup, then put it on, and ensure you take it off as soon as you are on board.