5 Tips To Get Your Hair Healthy Again

5 Tips To Get Your Hair Healthy Again

The beauty industry uses influential marketing strategies to promote dyes, blowouts, and flatirons as the main enhancers to beautiful hair. What their advertising does not tell you are their aftereffects often leave your hair damaged and dry. If you are looking to repair the health and vibrancy of your hair, here are five Elon Product tips that will help you do it.


ELON® Moisture Therapy Pre-Wash

Tip 1: Use A Pre-Wash

How often do you apply a pre-wash to your hair care regimen to restore manageability, health, softness, emollients, and luster? Moisture Therapy Pre-Wash provides your hair with an extra dose of moisture and nutrients. Pre-washes also target hair cuticles and protect you from further damage. You can use it as a pre-wash or with your shampoo.


Tip 2: Invest In A Therapeutic Shampoo And Conditioner

Your hair needs moisturizers and nutrients which is why a therapeutic shampoo and conditioner will enhance your hair’s health, texture, and shine. Elon’s shampoo and conditioner are free of parabens and sulfate. It is also safe after the treatment of dyes.


ELON® Moisture Therapy Replenishing Masque

Tip 3: Use A Replenishing Masque

A replenishing masque is a great substitute for conditioning when done twice a week. It is also great when you want to intensify the level of manageability and replenishment so that you are left with a smooth texture and beautiful glow.


Tip 4: Use A Finishing Shine

For people who experience frizz and unmanageable hair, the heat and humidity are problematic issues that are hard to overcome. The use of a finishing shine will not only help control it but will strengthen your hair which will prevent split ends and breakage.


Tip 5: Use Products That Protect Your Hair From Thinning And Loss

Did you know that hair thinning affects about 50% of women? Were you aware that about 80% of men lose their hair as they age? Did you also know that Elon offers a number of products that target both issues?

  • Elon Concentrated Serum For Thinning Hair helps your hair’s growth, texture, and shine? Our formulated microcirculation stimulation enhances your scalp by providing necessary nutrients and oxygen that also helps hair grow.
  • Use A Scalp Cleaner to help with hair thinning. The peppermint oil, bi-sentials complex, and ginkgo biloba leaf extract provide a therapeutic formula to cleanse while removing debris from your scalp while glycoproteins promote microcirculation that rejuvenates a healthier and fuller head of hair.
  • Nutritional supplements enhance the vibrancy of your hair by using biotin, silica, and L-cysteine to promote your hair’s health. They also are ideal additions to your daily hair and skincare routines.
  • Elon Leave-In Treatment is the ideal product to optimize hair growth. Along with aloe, emollient sunflower oil, and peppermint oil, your scalp receives the nutrients necessary to absorb critical ingredients that support follicle absorption.

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