5 Things That Are Causing Your Hair to Break

5 Things That Are Causing Your Hair to Break

One of the most frustrating things to experience while trying to grow out your hair is having it break off. Dry and brittle, it causes split ends which eventually must be cut out in order to promote new growth. Engaging in habits that ultimately damage your hair isn’t ideal. You may not know what you’re doing things to harm it, however.

How You’re Unknowingly Harming Your Hair with the Habits You Have

To raise awareness of these bad habits, we’re sharing them here so you’ll know if they’re something you’re guilty of doing. Sometimes, without realizing it, we do things that are hard on our hair. The following list explains some of the most common reasons for split ends.

Here are five things that are causing your hair to break:

  1. Brushing, not combing, your hair while it’s wet. It yanks the hair out and can even break it off at the ends. A wide-tooth comb is a must because it allows you to easily work out snarls and knots without harming your tresses.
  2. Wearing ponytail holders that are too tight and hard to take out. One of the biggest culprits for split ends around, some hair ties have no place in your hair. Look for ones that are snag-proof or made of soft material like a Scrunchie.
  3. Eating a diet that doesn’t have enough zinc, iron, and folic acid in it. Add tangerines, spinach, almond butter, eggs, oatmeal, and lentils to your shopping list. These foods promote healthy hair growth naturally.
  4. Stress and not having healthy ways to deal with it. Finding positive outlets for dealing with stress is of utmost importance. It prevents your hair from becoming brittle and falling out as well as prevents skin eruptions, too.
  5. Too much heat from your hairdryer, flat iron or curling iron. Experiment with different hairstyles that don’t require a lot of work to wear. Allow your hair to air dry as often as possible, and gently use a towel to squeeze out excess water from your hair before combing out your locks.

By learning to identify these behaviors in your life, you can change your daily routine easily and preserve the beautiful hair you’ve been growing without incident up until now. You can make changes to your diet by adding fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds rich with vitamins and minerals that promote better hair growth. Prioritizing self-care and finding healthy coping mechanisms for life’s stressors also prevents hair breakage.

Reduce Split Ends by Avoiding Having Them in the First Place

Reduce the number of split ends you have between haircuts by making yourself aware of the things that cause your hair to break in the first place. After you’ve spent so much time trying to grow long tresses, it only makes sense to remove all the barriers coming between you and a beautiful head of hair. Follow the advice listed above so you can benefit from your new hair growth without any obstacles getting in your way.