5 of the Most Common Acne Myths Busted

5 of the Most Common Acne Myths Busted

Craving for chocolate but can’t take it because you are worried your acne breakouts will worsen? Or do you sit in the sun for endless hours, hoping it'll clear out your acne? If your answer to these questions is yes, you are a victim of acne myths. But you are not to blame. Similar to any other health condition or skin problem, acne is also subject to misinformation. We set the record straight by debunking the most common acne myths.

  1. A Moisturizer is a Recipe for Clogged Pores

If you've been struggling with acne breakouts for a long time, then there is no doubt you've been told to stay off moisturizers. We hope you didn't listen because skipping a moisturizer will make your acne worse. How? When you skip the moisturizer, you deny your skin the much-needed moisture it needs to stay hydrated. Consequently, your skin produces more oil, which in turn means clogged pores and more acne!

So don’t skip the moisturizer. Also, go for one with acne-targeting ingredients such as the Elon daily facial moisturizer.

  1. Stay Away from Chocolate

This is one of the most stubborn of all acne myths. While it's true what you eat plays a role in your acne breakouts, chocolate doesn't. Only foods that contain high GI cause acne breakouts. They often cause insulin levels to skyrocket and as a result, cause an increase in sebum production, and consequently, acne. Refined carbs are an excellent example of such foods. That said, the problem isn't the chocolate, but the added sugar and dairy ingredients it contains. This means if you take chocolate products with higher cocoa content, you need not worry about breakouts.

  1. You Should Only Carry Out Your Acne Skin Care Routine at Night

Some people argue that nighttime is the best time to fight acne. Well, the truth is, the skin usually repairs itself more effectively between 10:00 P.M. and 12:00 P.M. Therefore applying your acne treatments and anti-aging creams at night is a good idea. So while there is some truth in this myth, this doesn't mean you should limit the use of acne-treatments at night. It's vital you apply them in the morning to protect your skin from acne-causing germs and bacteria that you'll be exposed to throughout the day.

  1. Staying in the Sun Clears Acne

There's always some truth in every myth and misconception, and this one is not an exception. That said, exposure to sunlight has been proven effective in reducing inflammation. Therefore, since acne is considered an inflammatory process, staying in the sun will help lessen your breakouts.

Note, it only lessens, not clears out. Also, keep in mind staying in the sun for a longer period increases your collagen break down, which in turn speeds up aging. So while exposure to Vitamin D will lessen your breakouts, it’s no reason to ditch your sunscreen. Also, if you are already experiencing the effects of staying in the sun for long, consider taking anti-aging supplements to keep them at bay.

  1. Makeup Increases Breakouts

Staying off makeup because your best friend's sister told you it'd worsen your acne? Well, similar to all other myths, there is a bit of truth in this one, as well. Low-quality make up products often cause clogged pores, and as a result, breakouts. But not all makeup products are low-quality. Therefore, the next time you shop, choose your products carefully, so that you only go home with high-quality ones that do not exacerbate acne breakouts. At the end of each day, ensure you use the Elon daily cleanser to avoid makeup-induced acne.