5 Must-Do Tips And Tricks For Beautiful, Healthy Natural Nails

5 Must-Do Tips And Tricks For Beautiful, Healthy Natural Nails

From nail art to manicure popularity, there is much stress involved when you experience a break or hangnail. Typically, you can lay the blame at their weakened state because of a lack of nutrition and health. It is also a badge of honor when you are ‘that friend’ who can grow their nails to unimaginable lengths. If you want to cut out acrylics or just want to grow out your nails, here are five must-do tips and tricks you can use for beautiful, healthy natural nails.

1. Take A Daily Nutritional Supplement 

Most people do not get their daily recommended food group servings. Improper nutrition will significantly affect nail health. Signs like brittle or white lines on your nails can signify that you suffer from nutritional deficiencies of critical vitamins and minerals. Biotin is a great source for nail health, so we recommend that you take Elon Matrix Plus 3,000 For Stronger And Healthier Nails.

This supplement contains 3000 mcg of biotin, 10 mg of silicon dioxide, and 50 mg of L-Cysteine which are critical ingredients that sustain nail health and beauty. This product is also free of gluten, wheat, corn, lactose, starch, artificial flavor, and yeast, so this product is ideal for even those with allergy issues.

2. Routinely Condition Your Cuticles And Nails

If you suffer from brittle, cracked, chipped, and broken nails, it is a benefit to condition your nails routinely with Elon Lanolin Rich Nail Conditioner. This product uses oxyquinoline to strengthen nails and add density to your cuticles. Regularly conditioning also soothes and maintain beautiful hands and nails.

3. Keep Your Nails Dry And Fungus Free

Nail fungus is caused by pathogens that enter the skin through hangnails or small cuts in the skin. The fungus also thrives in areas that are moist and warm. Use Elon Dual Defense: Natural & 3 Anti-Fungal Agents as it has a brush-on technique that provides treatment and blocks unsightly discoloration. The use of undecylenic acid is also a vital ingredient that fights fungus and Athlete’s foot.

4. Use An Almond Oil Moisturizer 

Your cuticle health and beauty is a consistent part of the aesthetic appeal of nails. Using Elon Essentials Cuticle Oil with scented almond extract and vitamins B5 and E will also soothe your skin and nails while moisturizing your cuticles. It is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your hands and nails naturally.

5. Keep Your Nails Clean And Germ-Free

There is OTC soap and there is medically and dermatologically tested soap that has proven usage benefits. Washing your hands regularly to remove germs will not only strengthen nails but it will reduce the likelihood of damage because you are elevating hydration. Elon's Nail Revitalizing Hand Soap also has ingredients sea silk extract, aloe vera, and spotted orchid extract which adds a protective, natural way to moisturize and clean skin layering that guards your skin

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