3 Reasons You Need a Nail Care Routine for Winter Weather

3 Reasons You Need a Nail Care Routine for Winter Weather

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Are you ready for blustery days and frigid temperatures of winter? When the seasons change from warm and humid to dry and cold it can be a shock to our system. Winter is particularly hard on our skin, but people often overlook their nails. Our nails and cuticles need protection too! Winter weather can cause cracking, splitting, peeling, thin and brittle nails, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s never too late to establish a nail care routine and here are three reasons you should establish your nail care routine now with our Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner 

#1 You Need to Replenish Moisture and Protect Your Nails: 

Cold dry air has a way of sucking out the moisture in your skin and as temperatures drop, we tend to crank the heat in our homes. This is a great way to feel nice and cozy all winter but the heat pulls moisture from the air and ultimately leaves our skin and nails thirsty. Keeping your skin and nails moisturized in the winter months is crucial and our Nail Conditioner is one of the best ways to make that happen!

Our Lanolin-Rich nail conditioner was one of the first products we created in 1991 and includes three key ingredients to help moisturize and strengthen your nails. Lanolin is an effective emollient to promote healthy nail growth and provides skin protection for the cuticles. Beeswax seals in the moisture on the skin and nails to promote healthy nails and cuticles. Oxyquinoline acts as a preventative against the development of a possible fungal infection resulting from splitting, cracking, and peeling nails.

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#2 Water is Bad for Your Nails 

The ongoing pandemic has us all washing your hands often to limit the spread of germs. But, water is really bad for your nails. We know nothing beats a hot shower on a cold day but to keep your nails strong, resist the urge. This can actually strip your skin of protective oils that naturally protect it which will lead to moisture loss. Your nails tend to absorb water and this can push the natural oils out. Water absorption can also make your nails weak. Using our nail conditioner daily can help protect your nails and keep them conditioned despite all the hand washing and those hot showers you’ll want to take this winter. 

To maintain healthy nails, we recommend applying once daily. If using nail polish, be sure to rub the nail conditioner into the cuticles and matrix area. This will help the cuticle and aid new nail growth. Depending on the severity of your nail issues, we have other application recommendations.

#3 Establishing your routine now will help you get ready for spring and summer nails.

Spring and summer are the time to let your nails shine with fun sandals and bright polish. You can make sure your nails are ready to come out of hibernation by starting your nail care regimen now. If your nails are weaker, start now with the nail conditioner so your nails can repair themselves and get stronger. If you suffer from serious nail issues, we recommend applying Apply 4 times daily. (More if desired). Massage into the entire nail, cuticle and matrix area (the skin area behind the cuticle where new nails form). Nails will begin to grow faster in 2-3 weeks. Continue using it for at least six months for optimal results. 

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