What Type Of Hair Do You Have? Things You Are Getting Wrong About Hair Care

What Type Of Hair Do You Have? Things You Are Getting Wrong About Hair Care

The coldest, driest part of winter is horrible for your hair. Dropping temperatures also draw out all of the moisture in your hair strands which make them more likely to suffer from brittleness and breakage. Your hair care routine greatly contributes to your hair damage, so here are a few things you are getting wrong about your hair care routine during the colder weather months.

What Is Your Hair Type:

When you know the type of hair texture you have, you have a better sense of the shampoo, conditioning, or styling products that work best to overcome the challenges of seasonal weather. Issues like length or density affect hair care needs which are issues some people get wrong.

  • Fine Hair:

Thin hair is weak and thin. It is so fine that it is easier to damage which is why special attention is needed to keep it beautiful and healthy.

  • Thick Hair:

If your hair is thick, it will hold up better to heat and dyes, but it will still need moisture and conditioning to keep it in its optimum shape.

  • Course Or Curly:

Course and curly hair require much more attention than other hair types as it is more susceptible to breaking, roughness, and dullness. You will need to use pre-washes, masques, and moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners.

  • Color Treated And Damaged:

You need products that will not strip the hair of the coloring you have just added. You need to use hair care products strong enough to protect your cuticle and strands so it does not strip it of moisture and elasticity. For those with damaged hair from ties or heat or color treatments, counter-balancing the stressors will keep your hair looking and feeling gorgeous.

Hair Care Behaviors You Are Getting Wrong

  1. Shampooing Too Much

When you wash your hair too much, it strips the natural oils from your hair leaving it dry and brittle. For some hair types, washing too much causes the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum which makes your hair oily and dull. Curly hair also will be more vulnerable to damage than wavy or straight hair textures. As hair scalps are so different, you need to determine how often to shampoo.

  1. Not Using Conditioner

In the coldest weather, you need to give your hair a bit more conditioning therapy as your strands require more moisture than usual to look manageable, texturally full, and silky smooth.

  1. Using Products With Harsh Chemicals

Many hair care companies manufacture products using harsh chemicals that strip the hair of natural moisture and oils. Go light on the harsher ingredients as they will overpower your hair.

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