What To Do About Hair Breakage

What To Do About Hair Breakage

Have you noticed your hair is dryer than normal or losing more strands than usual? It’s a common problem that affects many people simply because there are quite a few factors that cause hair breakage. Hair types are also problematic as someone who has straight hair needs a hair care routine that is different than someone with thick or curly hair. The good news is that hair breakage is brief, so a few changes will help you repair and restore stronger hair strands.

What Is Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage is defined as a strand breaking at the shaft and causing loss or split ends to occur. Some people contribute breakage to hair loss, but it has more to do with a person’s hair care routine choices or health. Here are a few insights into hair breakage causes and treatment ideas.

Hair Breakage Causes And Treatment

When you suffer from hair breakage, it also appears dry and frizzy. So, you need to not only find hair care products that repair your strands, but you also need the right ingredients to treat the problems causing the dryness, weakness, and thinning appearance. If you also apply heat treatment or color, you need to take precautions to ensure you won’t lose any further hair strands.

Hair Breakage Causes And Treatments

When hair breakage occurs, it is typically midway or at the shaft, which is why some strands appear shorter or broken. The potential for damage can vary greatly depending on hair type, how often you use heat or color, and your day-to-day hair care routine, including washing and styling.

  1. Moisture Loss


You often hear our hair care experts talk about the importance of moisture and hydration because your scalp and strands need it to keep hair looking healthy and supple. When moisture levels are unbalanced, it causes dry and brittleness to occur. When there is too much moisture, people with porous hair tend to experience tangling and frizziness.


  1. Styling Practices


Styling your hair is vital for upkeep reasons, but the more you practice it, the weaker and damaged your hair becomes. Using a moisture therapy styling and finishing spray helps.


  1. Heat Or Chemicals Treatments


Lifestyle choices play a significant role in hair breakage. Over time, hair becomes brittle from heat or chemical treatments. Use a heat protectant and a replenishing masque often. It will restore moisture, luster, and manageability, and keep it healthy and beautiful.


  1. Washing And Conditioning


The more you wash your hair, the more oil you strip from it. Some people tend to have naturally oily hair, while others have dry strands. Those with regular hair types can wash a few times a week while those with dry hair tend to wash less often. Using a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner helps you maintain hydration and strength between washes.


  1. Health And Nutrition


Hair is protein, so it makes sense that a change in someone’s health or nutrition can affect a person’s scalp and hair strands. Nutritional supplements will provide the right balance.

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