Is Stress Causing Your Hair Loss?

Is Stress Causing Your Hair Loss?

Stress takes its toll on your body in many ways. Hair loss is one that you may not have thought of! Being in a high state of stress frequently can cause your hair to thin.

Why is that? What about stress prevents new hair growth and causes your strands to weaken and break off? If you weren’t aware of the physical impact stress has on your hair follicles, now is the time to get to know how it affects you.

How Stress Weakens Your Hair

The stress hormone cortisol can make your hair fall out. It may take up to three months following a traumatic event for you to notice a significant change in the amount of hair you lose daily. It’s due to a delay in the time that hair grows and that you shed loose strands.

It’s normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. Anything more than that can be alarming and a sign that stress has taken its toll on your head, scalp, and hair. Noting any changes you have in the amount of hair that you’ve lost allows you to relay the information to your physician who may want to run tests on you to ensure you don’t have a nutritional deficiency.

Keeping from Losing More Hair Than Normal

There are ways to prevent additional hair loss from occurring, especially during times of high stress. One solution involves using a wide-tooth comb instead of a hairbrush to separate strands after showering. Another is to go easy on heat tools as they can dry out hair follicles and cause breakage to occur. Last, but not least, including nourishing foods in your diet helps strengthen hair naturally.

Supplementing your diet with hair, nails, and skin vitamins make a difference, too. The right formula allows you to replace missing vitamins and nutrients so that your hair doesn’t suffer the consequences. Elon Essentials offers several options for you to choose from that strengthen and protect your hair during times of stress.

Learning to Deal with Stress in Positive and Productive Ways

Learning healthy ways to combat stress also makes a world of difference. For example, meditating helps clear the mind and calm the body. Journaling gives you a safe space to express yourself and the things that are stressing you out, so they no longer have a hold on you and your health.

Experimenting with different healing modalities allows you to determine which are best for you to implement. You may find that a combination of techniques along with a good hair supplement prevents unnecessary hair loss and keeps your mane looking its best year-round.

Strengthen Your Hair with the Right Stress Management Tools & Supplements

Don’t let stress cause you to lose your hair. Find healthy ways to deal with the uncertainties in life so your strands don’t suffer the consequences. Supplement your diet with a vitamin meant to strengthen hair. Elon Matrix 5000 Complete Multivitamin for Healthier & Stronger Hair provides your body with the nutrients it needs, such as biotin and l-cysteine, to grow long and healthy.