How to Get to the “Root” of Your Hair Problems

How to Get to the “Root” of Your Hair Problems



Besides the face, your hair is one of your main defining features. It is what people who meet you look at once they analyze your face. It dramatically affects how you look, and even a slight change of hairstyle tends to impact your overall appearance substantially.

So, what can you do if every time you hit the shower, your drain suddenly becomes clogged or a bunch of hair strands are left on your hairbrush every time you brush it? Should you be worried? Is this a sign of an illness? If this is your current predicament, then here is how to get to the root of your hair problems.

Understand the Science behind Your Hair Growth

For you to understand how to get to the root of your hair problems, you must first understand hair physiology. In that light, every single hair follicle in your head grows a hair strand for about six to eight years. This growth period is known as the anagen phase. After this, the follicle rests for about three weeks, in a stage known as the Catagen phase. During this phase, there is no hair growth. It then enters the telogen phase, during which the old hair strand is expelled from the follicle. After this, it takes about three months for new hair to start growing. 

Therefore, hair loss is normal because at any given time, 10% of your hair is usually in the shedding phase, while 90% of it is in the growth phase. However, if you are losing too much of it, then it's time you get to the root of your hair problems by following the tips below

  1. Care for Your Scalp

You cannot say goodbye to hair loss or thinning if you only spray that thickening mist you got from Walmart and be merry on your way. You need to go the extra mile and get to the root of your hair problems by caring for your scalp. One way to do this is by getting a scalp treatment such as the Elon concentrated serum.

It is packed with ingredients such as peppermint and biotin, which stimulate the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and Vitamin B5 to promote stronger hair follicles. But before you use the serum, ensure you properly clean your scalp using a cleanser packed with ingredients such as gingko Biloba and aloe leaf to remove any build-up that might be hindering hair growth or causing thinning.

  1. Get the Right Hair Products

The hair products you currently use are supposed to strengthen your hair and promote healthy hair growth. But if all you are experiencing is massive hair thinning or loss, it’s time to ditch them and get the right products for your hair.

To determine the right products, you first need to know your hair type. If you have no idea how to do this, consider consulting a stylist. But generally, it's always wise to go for shampoo, conditioner or a styling product that contains proteins such as the Elon Moisture therapy shampoo & conditioner package.

  1. Limit Chemical and Heat Use

Heat is one of the leading causes of hair loss. So, if you've been using the highest settings on your blower, it's time to switch out for the cold settings. Also, the ongoing use of strong chemicals, for instance, coloring or bleaching treatments tend to damage the hair fiber and weaken the follicle. Therefore, if you are a big fan of bold colors, it's time to go on a break first. While on this break, get the Elon thinning hair package to help your hair regain its lost glory. 

  1. Get Your Vitamins

What you eat also has the potential to strengthen your hair. A diet packed with Vitamins A, B, C, and E will help strengthen your hair. For instance, Vitamin A boosts sebum production, while C helps your hair roots with iron absorption. Therefore, incorporate these vitamins in your diet and consider getting yourself the Elon gummy hair vitamins.

  1. Wear More Protective Styles

If you've been wearing the same style for the last five months, then this is probably why you are experiencing hair loss. For instance, leaving your hair hanging down for a long time tends to cause tangling and split ends. Consider switching to a more protective style. Do this while at the same time trying out all the above.


If you try all the above tips and your hair is still undergoing massive loss, then it’s wise to see a doctor because there may be other underlying causes such as stress, medical conditions, or the medication you are using. If you have none of the mentioned, then the tips outlined above should help you get to the root of your hair problems.