Hair Loss? Here’s How To Deal

Hair Loss? Here’s How To Deal

Aging is inevitable. Hair loss, receding hairlines, and bald spots became a regular part of some men and women’s lives. Not only can it alter one’s appearance, but it can also have a devastating effect on a person’s confidence. If this sounds familiar, here’s how to deal with your hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss?

It’s normal for you to lose between fifty and one hundred hairs every day. This hair loss amount doesn’t cause thinning as new strands began to grow through a renewal process. It is when this revitalization is disrupted or when the hair follicles get destroyed that hair loss becomes more problematic. There are a few specific reasons why a person will experience hair loss or thinning.

  • Genetics


Some people are more prone to hair loss because of their genetic make-up. Male and female baldness, bald spots, and receding hairlines are more frequent from heredity.


  • Hormones


Hormonal changes can disrupt healthy hair growth because of what is influencing it. Anything from pregnancy in women to testosterone change in men can lead to hair loss.


  • Medical Treatments


Some medical illnesses cause hair loss, from autoimmune diseases to scalp infections.

Medications that are used to treat illnesses like cancer, auto-immune disease, blood pressure, and heart disease can also lead to short-term side effects such as hair loss.


  • Stress


When a person is stressed, hair thinning is a typical response, but it is only temporary.


Appearance Changes


Body image affects so many people. It often causes people to develop eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, and even substance abuse. Because body image relates to how people see themselves or think others see their appearance, hair loss can cause severe mental and physical responses. About 20% of men and 40% of women would undergo cosmetic surgery to fix something that affected their appearance. Others invest in special shampoos, hair products, and medications.




When something becomes more noticeable, such as balding or thinning hairlines, it becomes an obsession that eats away at one’s self-esteem, regardless of age or gender. Especially when a person relates looks to self-value, experiencing hair loss becomes more distressing a matter.


  • Take a positive approach when dealing with hair loss.
  • Look for products that improve or cover up the thinning or bald spots.
  • Eat healthily and buy a nutritional supplement to meet daily recommendations.
  • Accept that perfection isn’t achievable. You can positively combat losing your hair.
  • Focusing on the positive aspects of your appearance will help rebuild your confidence.


Hair Care And Styling

Daily use of Elon Moisture Therapy Collection will give you everything you need to mitigate the damage that causes hair loss or thinning. Elon also uses jojoba oil to seal in the moisture and panthenol to strengthen it. Argan oil and rice and oat proteins also nourish it, revives the texture, and restores your hair’s appearance and manageability, which will also boost your confidence.


There are also ways you can care for your hair that not only will help with the loss but will also enhance your self-image. Once you know the cause, you can build the perfect hair care routine.