Elon Skin Repair System: Top Irritants Our Skin Repair Cream Benefits

Elon Skin Repair System: Top Irritants Our Skin Repair Cream Benefits

How many skin care products, cosmetics, or cleaning supplies do you have in your home or office? According to the latest data collected by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, shoppers have access to more than 47,000 products in any given supermarket experience which leads to an overload of information when making purchases. Once purchased, how often do you pay attention to the product ingredients? You’re not alone when it comes to not classifying products as it is a complex and complicated process. Here are the most common causes of skin reactions that cause symptoms like inflammation, rash, redness, itchiness, dryness, and scaliness.

  • Skin Irritants In Soap


How many times do you wash your hands with soap each day? Excessive cleansing will strip oils and lead to dry, chapped, red skin. If you do not treat it with a skin repair cream, the irritated areas on your body will crack and bleed. Although soap is one of the top contributors, dishwashing liquid, body wash, and bubble bath also cause skin irritations.


  • Skin Irritants In Cleaning Supplies


It is common knowledge that there are skin irritants in cleaning supplies. From bleach to laundry, bathroom, and kitchen cleaners, a person comes into contact with a number of harmful chemicals on a daily basis. Even when wearing gloves, these substances leave a residue which will cause serious discomfort including burning, peeling, and bleeding.


  • Skin Irritants In Skin Care Products


Is your skin irritated and itching? Skincare irritants are common in beauty products because of added ingredients like parabens, glycolic acid, or ascorbic acid which are known to cause reactions. Most especially since these ingredients are applied directly to your pores, using skincare products like creams or lotions on your body often causes the irritations to occur.


  • Latex Skin Irritants


Do you have a sensitivity to latex? It is a common ingredient found in products like protective gloves, balloons, bandages, and cleaning tools. If you can not wear gloves when cleaning, you have no choice but to come into contact with harsh cleaning agents. Not only does a latex allergy cause itching and rash, but it also causes anaphylaxis shock and death.


  • Skin Irritants In Food


If you have allergies, you know that skin reaction in foods like peanuts, wheat, or fish often cause rashes and hives. Even touching foods that are high in acidic content or spices will cause skin irritations that lead to burning, cracking, blistering, and peeling. If food servers wear latex gloves when preparing your food, it can also cause serious allergic reactions.


Elon’s Skin Repair System


How do you counteract the drying, chafing, and chapping on your hands and body? Elon’s Skin Repair System is formulated to provide relief for skin irritants and conditions like eczema. will restoring radiance, hydration, and freshness to the skin’s collagen. Using our skin repair system will also protect the skin from harsh product ingredients and toxins.


If you have questions regarding Elon’s Skin Repair System, call 1-800-414-ELON (3566) or email questions about skin irritants or ingredients to our product specialists at info@elonessentials.com.