5 Signs Of Hair Thinning And Hair Loss

5 Signs Of Hair Thinning And Hair Loss

Have you recently noticed when brushing your hair or getting a haircut that you are losing more hair strands than normal? Hair loss does not happen overnight, but it often occurs in stages where you will not realize there is an issue until it has progressed. Although it is a common issue, hair loss is often a taboo topic that leaves people feeling embarrassed and ashamed. Early intervention is the best way to counterbalance hair loss and emotional or physical symptoms, so here are five signs to watch out for.

  1. Increase Of Hair Strands On Brush


Noticing hair strands on your brush is normal. You have several hundred thousand strands of hair that are in the anagen stage (growth), catagen stage (non-growth), and the telogen stage (resting) in which hairs will detach from the scalp. There is nearly nine percent of your hairs that are in the telogen stage. Some patients have telogen effluvium in which ten percent or more strands are in this phase which may be due to diet, stress, illness, birth, or surgery. Your hair will fall out over three months but will grow back within six months with the use of a hair thinning shampoo.


  1. Your Hair Feels Less Full Than It Once Was


Whether you run your fingers through your head or put it in a pony-tail, it is easy to feel when it is not as full as it once was. You will notice your hair thinning over a few months, so you will want to counteract it as early as possible which a scalp cleaner will help to restore its fullness.


  1. Large Amount Of Hair In Shower Drain


It is normal to lose up to one hundred strands a day, so hair in your drain alone should not be a concern until you experience an overabundance coming out long-term when washing. Some people’s hair tends to loosen when under extreme physical or emotional stress. Use a leave-in treatment for hair thinning or hair loss to nourish and help promote new growth.


  1. Slow Thinning Of The Top Part Of Head


Hair thinning will cause baldness on the crown which is the most common hair loss experienced by men and women. Men will see their hairline recede beginning at the forehead. Women notice wider parts in the crown area. Using a serum will promote strength, conditioning, and growth.


  1. Round Bald Spots


Some people who experience hair loss will have small, round bald spots on the scalp. Symptoms normally begin with feelings of irritation, pain, and itching before actual loss of hair occurs. Hair thinning is what causes the bald spots, so try the Elon Moisture Therapy Collection to prevent it.

There are many hair loss causes which means you need to analyze your lifestyle and make changes whether with brushing or washing to avoid hair shaft damage. Yoga is great for hair loss from stress, and hair loss supplement vitamins will balance your diet while also stimulating growth.

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