3 Must-Have Elon Collections That Give You Beautiful, Healthy Hair, Skin, And Nails

3 Must-Have Elon Collections That Give You Beautiful, Healthy Hair, Skin, And Nails

Is your beauty cabinet filled with a lot of random company names that are not delivering on their promises? We’ve all been there which is why the experts at Elon Essentials wants to introduce you to three must-have collections that will deliver on hair, skin, and nail beauty and health. These three collections prove you don’t need more beauty products, you just need dynamic ones.

  1. Elon Moisture Therapy Collection


Your hair is a focal point as it is one of the first things that others notice about you. The texture of your hair strands also either appear healthy and glossy or dull and damaged. If your strands look unhealthy, it will cause you to feel less confident which is why you need more than a daily wash and rinse to pull off a beautiful, thick, healthy head of hair.


Elon Moisture Therapy Collection includes a pre-wash, moisture rich shampoo and conditioner, a replenishing masque, and a finishing spray. This collection gives you everything you need for moisture restoration, manageability, and protein complex nourishment. This collection also protects your hair from breakage, tangles, and heat.


Hair Care Tip: To maximize the benefits of this collection, try our Scalp Treatment, Leave-In Treatment, and Concentrated Serum, or nutritional supplement collection.


  1. Elon Facial Care Package


The condition of your skin is also an issue that affects millions of other Americans, so you need a collection that distributes a blend of cleansing agents, DMAE and CoQ10 anti-aging ingredients, and vitamin and oil-rich moisturizer. Your skin also needs hyaluronic acid so that your face looks hydrated, unblemished, flawless, and renewed.


Your skin plays a vital role as it provides a protective layer over your body, so you need a reliable skin care routine that has undeniable results. Elon Facial Care Package is a must-have collection as it comes with a daily facial cleanser, daily facial serum, and a daily facial moisturizer that provide all the necessary ingredients for beautiful, healthy skin.


Facial Care Tip: For greater benefits, try our 1.7 or 5-ounce Elon Skin Repair System.


  1. Elon Nail Treatment Package


Everyone wants to learn how to grow nails stronger and longer. Unfortunately, many people tend to experience brittleness, breakage, and weakness which is why the nail salon industry earns more than $8.53 billion annually. Sure, manicures and pedicures sound great, but wouldn’t you prefer products that help grow your nails stronger and longer?


Elon Nail Treatment Package includes our Lanolin Rich Nail Conditioner, our Essential Cuticle Oil with Almond Oil Extract, and our Professional Nail Care File System. Using these products together produce soft, stunning nails while hydrating the cuticle and bed. You also will not have to continue paying for nail salon care as this is a DIY collection!


Nail Care Tip: Try Elon Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner to counteract brittleness, cracks, peels, and splits. It will help you grow your nails faster and stronger than ever before.


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